Macedonia Votes Amid Tight Security

Macedonia held presidential and local elections Sunday, March 22, seen as vital to the country’s plans to join the European Union and NATO.

Hungary’s Prime Minister To Resign Amid Crisis

Hungary’s Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurscany said Saturday, March 21, he is resigning because of his government’s plunging popularity as it struggles to overcome Hungary’s worst economic crisis in recent memory.

Austria’s Incestous Father Sentenced to Life in Prison

An Austrian man who imprisoned his daughter for 24 years and fathered seven children with her was sentenced on Thursday, March 18, to life in prison, which he will serve mainly in a psychiatric facility.

Incestuous Austrian Father Admits Wrongdoing in Court

An Austrian man who fathered seven children with a daughter he held captive in a cellar for more than two decades has pleaded guilty to rape and incest, but denies murdering a newborn son. Josef Fritzl spoke Monday, March 16, at the start of what has been dubbed Austria’s trial of the century.

Russia Wants Closer Ties With OPEC As Prices Fall

Russia said Sunday, March 15, it will send a permanent observer to the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, amid mounting concerns among producers about falling oil prices.

Former Bosnian Leader Karadzic Rejects Genocide Charges

International judges and prosecutors were preparing Wednesday, March 4 for a complicad trial after former Bosnian-Serb leader Radovan Karadzic refused to enter a plea to an amended indictment of genocide and crimes against humanity.

EU Rejects Multi-Billion Dollar Rescue Plan For Eastern Europe

European Union leaders have ruled out a multi-billion dollar rescue plan for Eastern Europe in the face of the global economic crisis, despite warnings from Hungary that the rejection could lead to an economic “iron curtain” across the continent.

Iran ‘Starts’ Bushehr Nuclear Plant

In a move raising eyebrows from Jerusalem to Washington, Russian and Iranian officials began a test run of Iran’s first Nuclear plant, Worthy News established Thursday, February 26.

BREAKING: Nine Killed, Dozens Injured In Netherlands Plane Crash; Turkish Airlines ‘Unsafe’

A Turkish Airlines passenger plane with 135 people aboard crashed into a field in light fog while trying to land at Amsterdam’s main airport Wednesday, February 25, killing nine people and injuring more than 50, an area official said. The incident came amid revelations that Turkish Airlines has Europe’s worst safety record, Worthy News established.

Europe Wants “Global New Deal” To Fight Crisis

Europe was seeking a new “global deal” Tuesday, February 24, after British Prime Minister Gordon Brown launched an initiative that includes unprecedented new regulations for financial markets and hedge funds to tame the worst economic crisis in eight decades.

Iran And Russia Boost Military Cooperation, Threatening Stability

Russia and Iran are discussing major weapons deals, shortly after Tehran announced the development of an unmanned aircraft capable of striking Israel and Iranian made munitions were discovered in Iraq, Worthy News learned Friday, February 20.

BREAKING News: Poland Confirms Beheading Engineer In Pakistan

Poland confirmed Monday, February 9, the authenticity of video footage showing the beheading in Pakistan of a Polish engineer abducted over four months ago by Islamic militants linked to the groups Taliban and possibly Al-Qaeda.

Somalia Pirates Release Ukrainian Arms Ship

Ukraine says a cargo ship laden with weapons, which was held by pirates off the coast of Somalia since September, has been freed, Worthy News monitored Friday, February 6.

Iran To Open Nuclear Plant This Year, Russia Says

Russia’s nuclear power chief said Thursday, February 5, that his country plans to start up the Bushehr nuclear reactor in Iran this year, despite international concerns the project is part of a wider nuclear program.

Abortions To Stop Global Warming, British Adviser

Britain’s government adviser on the environment says abortions should be part of a policy against global warming and that couples who have more than two children are being “irresponsible.”

Libya’s Gadhafi Now Head of African Union

After years of diplomatic isolation by the West, Libya’s leader Moammar Gadhafi was spending his first full working day, Tuesday, February 3, as the newly elected chairman of the African Union, pledging to unite the continent into the “United States of Africa.”

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