Sudanese Government Troops Gang-Rape Black African Slaves

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA, (December 22, 2000) — Soldiers of the Government of Sudan’s Popular Defense Forces (PDF) systematically gang-raped enslaved black African women and girls during and after slave raids on villages in Southern Sudan. This report is according to the testimonies of numerous redeemed slaves, which was documented by Christian Solidarity International (CSI), and independent researchers.

Return to the Killing Fields

Faith Shaw was born in Rwanda, a country that between 1959-64 saw more than 500,000 people killed and a similar number or more fled the country. She was horrified when in April of 1994, a further 800,000 were killed and 1,000,000 fled to the neighboring countries.

International Aid Sending Medicine, Food to Mozambique

SPRING LAKE, Michigan (Wednesday, March 15, 2000) — “There are over 300,000 still in refugee camps in Mozambique, almost 2,000 still stranded in isolated pockets and the death total could climb into the thousands. Almost 150 schools have been destroyed. There are many reports of malaria and some cholera. When the floods started there was an initial report of 300 cases of malaria in one camp, but today it has jumped to 4,905. There could be an epidemic of malaria.

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