China City Bans Christian Teachers Professing Faith

Authorities in China’s Wenzhou City are forcing all school teachers, including Christians, to sign a document forbidding them to profess their faith or any other religious beliefs, rights activists and other sources confirmed.

Hungarian Town Mourns Favorite Christian Aunt

Károlyné Vass, a prominent Hungarian Christian teacher whose family suffered for their faith during Communism and who played a vital role in rebuilding her community, has died at age 98.

U.S. President Trump Says People Need Christ In Coronacrisis

U.S. President Donald J. Trump says Jesus Christ is more famous than him and urges people to turn to Christ, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. ”Masks, no masks, everything, you can do all you want, but you know, you still need help from the Boss,” Trump said, looking up and pointing to the sky.

Chinese Security Forces Raid Bible Study

Chinese security forces have raided a Bible study gathering in South China and detained several Christians as part of a government-crackdown on faith, Worthy News learned Saturday.

Atheist group awarded over $450,000 in South Carolina lawsuit against prayer at high school graduation

A South Carolina federal judge has awarded an atheist group over $450,000 in attorney’s fees and expenses after it filed a lawsuit to block public prayer at high school graduations, Christian Headlines reports. The award follows a finding last year that there should be limits to student-led prayers at graduation ceremonies. Given on April 14, the award is in respect of legal action initiated by the American Humanist Association (AHA) against Greenville County Schools in 2013. The suit was on behalf of the parents of a pupil who objected to students leading prayer at a graduation ceremony.

China Halts Online Church Services

China’s Communist government has halted online church services despite the coronavirus pandemic forcing many Christians to stay at home this Easter, Worthy News learned Saturday. The online religious rights watchdog Bitter Winter and local Christians said only groups holding state-issued licenses could stream religious services online in China. “We can’t get together because of the pandemic,” an underground house church pastor in the province of Jiangxi told Bitter Winter.

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