Nobel Prize Winner Wiesel Concerned About Hungarian Extremism

Nobel Peace Prize winner, author and activist Elie Wiesel has urged Hungary to consider banning Holocaust denials to improve its image abroad and has expressed concern about growing extremist parties in the country and Europe.

China: Officials Reach out to House Churches; Raids, Arrest Continue

In recent months Chinese officials have attempted to build bridges with the Protestant house church movement even as police raided more unregistered congregations, arrested Christian leaders and forced at least 400 college students to swear they would stop attending such worship services.

Eritrean Officials Imprison 20 Members of Underground Church

The Washington-DC based human rights group, International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that Eritrean officials imprisoned about 20 Christians belonging to the underground Faith Missions Church on October 12, 2008 in Deki-Zeru, a town 30km away from Asmara, the capital.

New Year’s Day Attacks On Christians In India

There were new reports of attacks by suspected Hindu militants against Christians in India on New Year’s Day, shortly after Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh promised to protect the country’s minority Christians in a letter to the widow of an Australian missionary killed nine years ago.

India Christians Hiding In Orissa Jungles As Violence Continues

Over one thousand Christians, including priests, nuns, women and children, have fled to the jungles of India’s Orissa State where deadly anti-Christian violence entered its seventh day, a church official told BosNewsLife Sunday, December 30.

Fourteen Churches Burned In Deadly Violence In India

Indian church leaders on Thursday, December 27, appealed to authorities to intervene after Hindu extremists attacked dozens of Christian institutions, including churches, in the religiously volatile eastern state of Orissa over Christmas, reportedly killing up to three people and injuring many others.

Hindu Militants Attack Christmas Service In India

Several people were injured when a Hindu mob attacked a Christmas worship service in India’s religiously volatile eastern state of Orissa Monday, December 24, destroying a crib as well as light and sound equipment, Christians told BosNewsLife.

China Detains Managers Of Australian Company For Spreading Christianity

Three senior employees of an Australian owned multi-million dollar bio-engineering corporation in China’s Guangdong province remained detained Thursday, November 22, and their company closed, over allegations of involvement in “illegal” Christian activities.

China Closes Australian Company For Promoting Christianity

Chinese authorities have shut down a multi million dollar branch of Australia-based Enoch Group because it allegedly promoted Christianity and hired Christian workers, investigators close to the case told BosNewsLife Thursday, November 1.

Indonesia Sentences 41 Christian To Five Years Imprisonment, report

An Indonesian court has sentenced 41 Christian leaders to five years imprisonment on charges of blasphemy because they openly prayed that Muslims “come to know Christ,” local Christians and a well-informed human rights group told BosNewsLife Thursday, November 1.

Pakistan Evangelists Beaten at Muslim Festival

A team of Pakistani Christian evangelists was attacked and beaten after distributing over 13,000 Christian publications at a Muslim festival, the group supporting them said Wednesday, February 7.

Iraq Militants Kill Christian Official

A high profile official from Iraq’s Assyrian Christian community and former deputy director of Iraqi Airways has been shot and killed by militants near his home, BosNewsLife monitored Thursday, February 8.

Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia: Death and danger in the Horn of Africa

Tensions are rising across the Horn of Africa – there is death and danger. Irredentist Somali Islamists have declared jihad against Ethiopia. Christians are being attacked and murdered by Muslims in Ethiopia. Eritrea, which is accused of arming the Somali Islamists, is exploiting an opportunity and has breached the 2000 cease-fire agreement by moving troops into the Eritrea-Ethiopia border buffer zone. Two Protestant Christians were recently tortured to death in Eritrea. The savagery of persecution appears to be escalating in proportion to regional tensions — and it could be about to get much worse.

Afghanistan Executions Raise New Fears about Arrested Aid Workers

Four executions on Wednesday in Afghanistan have speed up diplomatic efforts to free 24 aid workers, including eight foreigners, who were arrested by the country’s Islamic “Taliban” rulers, on charges of spreading Christianity.

Iran: Another Believer Arrested

On 24 July, an Iranian Christian named Issa Motamadi was imprisoned on account of his faith. French internet news site VoxDei reports that Issa Motamadi, a resident of the north-western town of Resht, the capital of Gilan Province, will soon stand trial before a Revolutionary Tribunal.

Vietnam Jails Montagnard Christians Amid Leadership Change

Six Evangelical Christians of Vietnam’s Montagnard Degar minority were facing another tense day Wednesday, June 28, after a court reportedly jailed them on charges of inciting religious unrest and organizing illegal border crossings to neighboring Cambodia.

New Tribes Obeys Order to Leave Tribal Venezuela

Complying with President Hugo Chavez’s order to leave Venezuela’s indigenous lands by today, the last two New Tribes Mission (NTM) workers left the area late last week.

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