Despite Parents' Objections, Teacher Defends 'Transgender Reveal' to Kindergartners

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Concerned mothers and fathers flooded a school board meeting Monday in response to a Kindergarten teacher that introduced a student to her class as transgender without notifying parents. Now, another parent at the same school is outraged that her child was sent to the principal's office for 'misgendering' a male classmate who now identifies as a girl.

Petition Gathering Signatures to Split California into Six States

A petition drive is taking place in California to get the "Six Californias" initiative on the 2016 ballot. The plan is to divide the state into "Six Californias" because advocates say the state is too big to govern effectively. However, Republicans and Democrats ridiculed the measure because even if the measure acquires the 807,615 signatures to get to the ballot, and if it's approved by the citizens of California, it still must be approved by the Californian legislature as well as Congress. And politicians say that will not happen.