U.S. has seen evidence of Syria preparing chemical weapons in Idlib: envoy

There is ‘lots of evidence’ that chemical weapons are being prepared by Syrian government forces in Idlib in northwest Syria, the new U.S. adviser for Syria said on Thursday, as he warned of the risks of an offensive on the country’s last big rebel enclave.

U.S., France and Gulf allies agree to new round of talks on Syria

French President Emmanuel Macron and President Trump on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Brussels have reportedly agreed on a plan to push Middle East allies Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan to start talks on way to put an end to Syria’s seven-year civil war.

Syria: Chemical weapons experts await UN security team clearance to enter Douma

Syria’s UN ambassador told the United Nations Security Council Tuesday that a UN security team traveled to the town of Douma, outside the capital Damascus, to ascertain whether it was safe for global chemical weapons experts to visit the site of a suspected chemical weapons attack last week that killed dozens.

Russia Sees No Need for U.N. Inquiry Into Syria Toxic Gas Attacks

Russia told the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday there was no point establishing a new inquiry to determine blame for chemical weapons attacks in Syria because the United States and its allies had already acted as judge and executioner.

Trump puts brakes on Russian sanctions over Syria

President Trump on Monday ordered a hold on new economic sanctions against Russia over its support for Syria and said he remain committed to pulling U.S. troops out of the war-torn nation, despite what was widely seen as a successful strike with allies on President Bashar Assad’s chemical weapons infrastructure over the weekend.

US to Hit Russia With New Sanctions for Aiding Syria’s Assad

President Donald Trump on Sunday defended his use of the phrase ‘Mission Accomplished’ to describe a U.S.-led missile attack on Syria’s chemical weapons program, even as his aides stressed continuing U.S. troop involvement and plans for new economic sanctions against Russia for enabling the government of Bashar Assad.

Biggest Naval force since Iraq on course for Syria

An armada of 12 warships — the largest US strike force since the 2003 Iraq war – is steaming toward the Middle East as President Trump mulls an attack on Syria in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack on civilians, according to a report.

Russia vows ‘consequences’ for Syria strike

Russia warned late Friday there would be ‘consequences’ for President Trump’s decision to proceed with airstrikes against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s chemical weapons facilities, according to Moscow’s representative to the U.S.

Inspectors head to site of suspected gas attack in Syria

A team of inspectors from the international chemical weapons watchdog was on its way to Syria on Thursday to begin an investigation into a suspected chemical weapons attack near the capital that has brought the war-torn country to the brink of a wider conflict, amid Western threats of retaliation and Russian warnings of the potential for ‘a dangerous escalation.’

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