Six More Chinese House Church Leaders Arrested and Sentenced

Five house church leaders from the “Born Again” movement of Xu Yongze were arrested at their homes in China’s southern Henan province on December 27, 1999. Each was sentenced in February to two years hard labor, according to reliable sources inside the province. Another full-time evangelist — not with the same movement — was arrested in Guiyang and also given two years hard labor. Relatives asked that the names of those sentenced be withheld.

Maoist rebels kill two Christians in India

A communist rebel group in India’s Bihar state beat to death two tribal Christians and severely injured four others on April 4, according to the Times of India.

Turkey releases jailed Christian after 30 days

Two Turkish Christians imprisoned near Izmir for a month on concocted charges of insulting Islam were ordered released March 30, after prosecution witnesses admitted that local gendarmarie officials pressured them to sign prepared complaints.

Spice Islands clashes continue

At least 40 people were killed last week in continuing sectarian violence in Indonesia’s Moluccas, also known as the Spice Islands. According to news reports, the fatalities resulted from clashes between Muslims and Christians in the town of Galela on the island of Halmahera in North Malaku province.

Last Assembly of God church in Vietnam destroyed

The last Assembly of God church building in the nation of Vietnam was destroyed last week. Before 1975, the Assemblies of God church had ten church buildings in Vietnam. Nine were destroyed or confiscated by the government prior to the year 2000. The final church, in the coastal city of Vung Tau, was demolished last week.

International Aid Sending Medicine, Food to Mozambique

SPRING LAKE, Michigan (Wednesday, March 15, 2000) — “There are over 300,000 still in refugee camps in Mozambique, almost 2,000 still stranded in isolated pockets and the death total could climb into the thousands. Almost 150 schools have been destroyed. There are many reports of malaria and some cholera. When the floods started there was an initial report of 300 cases of malaria in one camp, but today it has jumped to 4,905. There could be an epidemic of malaria.

Two Turkish Christains Jailed

Two Turkish Christians arrested March 1 while selling and distributing Christian literature near the southern port city of Izmir were refused bail today, pending a court hearing scheduled for March 30.

Christian Uzbek Pastor Marks One Year in Prison

A Christian Uzbek pastor jailed since February 1999 on contrived fraud charges is being subjected to physical beatings for witnessing to his cellmates, church sources in the Central Asian republic reported in early March.

Wave of arrests resumes for Chinese evangelist

After a respite of one month, Chinese house church leader Li Dexian was detained by police on Tuesday for the 10th time since October. Public Security Bureau officers arrested the 45-year-old Protestant evangelist as he led his weekly 10 a.m. Bible study in Huadu, west of Guangzhou, a source in Hong Kong told Newsroom.

Arrests and Sentencings ‘The Tip of the Iceberg’ in China

The sentencing of six Protestant house church leaders to hard labor last December and the arrest of six more leaders of the Roman Catholic underground church are but “the tip of the iceberg” of religious oppression, according to five prominent house church leaders inside China, contacted by Compass in January.

Four weeks without arrest for Chinese pastor Li De Xian

Pastor Li De Xian preached twice this week in his usual Tuesday meeting in Huadu near Guangzhou, China without interference from Chinese authorities. This marks four consecutive weeks without arrest or interference for Pastor Li’s ministry.

Four Christians Released by Saudi Authorities

Saudi Arabia released four Filipino Christians in Riyadh yesterday, 40 days after their arrest by the country’s strict Islamic police for conducting Christian worship services in a private home.

China releases prominent house church leader

To observers of China’s Christian church scene the event was as sudden as it was unexpected. Just the day before the Chinese New Year celebrations of February 5, one of China’s most prominent house church leaders, Zhang Rongliang, was released quietly from prison in Fangcheng City, Henan Province, on grounds of poor health. The news was relayed quickly to journalists and China specialists outside of China by friends who had remained in close contact with Zhang for several weeks.

Turkmen Baptist Pastor Threatened with Prison

Baptist pastor Rahim Tashov and a colleague were hauled into police headquarters in their hometown of Turkmenabad (formerly Chardjou) last Thursday, February 3.

The Burning Man

For the past ten years earth-worshipping pagans have migrated from Canada, Brazil, Germany, Russia, and 25 other countries, to an isolated corner of Black Rock Desert in Nevada, where a four-day-long New Age techno-fest known as "The Burning Man" has been conducted.

The Burning Man

For the past ten years earth-worshipping pagans have migrated from Canada, Brazil, Germany, Russia, and 25 other countries, to an isolated corner of Black Rock Desert in Nevada, where a four-day-long New Age techno-fest known as “The Burning Man” has been conducted.

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