Largest Public Outreach by Christians in Afghanistan

LAKE FOREST, CA (ANS) -- “Advent in Afghanistan” may have been the largest public outreach by Christians to students in the history of Afghanistan. It began when Norm and Cher Nelson, from the radio ministry, Compassion Radio, accepted an invitation to take the experience of Christmas to 30,000 school children in 49 schools in an historic region of Afghanistan during late November and early December 2002.

Cuban Church Closed on Easter

LOS ANGELES (Compass) -- Cuban government authorities closed a Baptist church in a Havana suburb on Easter Sunday. Members of the church must comply with the April 23 closure order or face fines or a court trial for contempt, said a pastor of another denomination who spoke on condition that his name not be used. He said that the closed church is affiliated with Cuba's Western Baptist denomination, a sister denomination of the Southern Baptist Convention in the United States.