NEWS ALERT: Persecuted Hungarian Rabbi Raj Dies; Funeral Underway

A funeral service was underway Wednesday, March 10, for a former Hungarian chief rabbi who was persecuted under Communism because of his involvement in spreading the Jewish faith,the Federation of Jewish Communities in Hungary (MAZSIHISZ) confirmed.

Nobel Prize Winner Wiesel Concerned About Hungarian Extremism

Nobel Peace Prize winner, author and activist Elie Wiesel has urged Hungary to consider banning Holocaust denials to improve its image abroad and has expressed concern about growing extremist parties in the country and Europe.

World Meeting Pledges Urgent Social Support for Holocaust Survivors

The European Union and dozens of countries have pledged to speed up social support for Holocaust survivors and the search for art and other items that were stolen during World War II by the Nazis. At a meeting in Prague, they agreed to establish a special European institute to deal with these issues and education.

Israel Withdraws; Hamas “Rearms”

Israeli forces appeared to withdraw from the Gaza Strip Tuesday, January 20, in time for the inauguration of Barack Obama as the United States’ 44th president, but militant group Hamas said it would rearm, suggesting its conflict with Israel was not over.

Secret Documents Reveal Ethnic Cleansing of Christians in Iraq, Leader says

Secret documents show Saddam Hussein’s regime and local Kurdish leaders were involved in the “ethnic cleansing”, “gassing” and “Islamization” of Assyrian Christians in Northern Iraq, with international religious aid organizations refusing to intervene, an Assyrian official claimed Wednesday, August 4.

Belgian Diplomat Disowns Offensive “Holocaust” Remarks

Belgian Foreign Minister Louis Michel insisted on Tuesday that he has been on his best behavior during his visit to Israel, vigorously denying he had compared the plight of Palestinians to the suffering of Jews during the Holocaust.

Remembering the Holocaust as Violence Continues

Israelis stood in silence for two minutes this morning as sirens wailed throughout the Jewish State in memory of the five million Jewish adults and one million children slaughtered in the Nazi holocaust of World War Two.

Return to the Killing Fields

Faith Shaw was born in Rwanda, a country that between 1959-64 saw more than 500,000 people killed and a similar number or more fled the country. She was horrified when in April of 1994, a further 800,000 were killed and 1,000,000 fled to the neighboring countries.

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