Turkey, Russia nearing deal on Libya ceasefire, political process

Turkey and Russia have moved closer to an agreement on a ceasefire and political process in Libya during their latest meetings in Ankara, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told an interview with broadcaster CNN Turk late on Wednesday.

Erdogan Defies the West to Make Turkey a Regional Power

When President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reopens Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia for prayers next week, it will be the crowning symbol of his mission to reassert Turkey’s role as a Muslim power on the global stage. Yet Turkey’s rarely seemed more alone.

Dozens of Migrants Drown off Coast Tunisia

While much of the world focuses on the coronavirus pandemic, many migrants continue to die in the Mediterranean Sea, trying to reach Europe. In the latest incident, authorities say that the bodies of 46 people have been recovered off the coast of Tunisia. The tragedy happened after their boat capsized near the city of Sfax at the weekend.

Libya’s Turkey-backed Tripoli forces take back another town

Forces allied with the U.N.-supported government in Libya’s capital said Friday they have retaken another key western town from rivals behind a year-long offensive on Tripoli. The development is yet another illustration of how Turkey’s support for the Tripoli government has turned the tide of war in the oil-rich country.

Libya conflict: Russia and Turkey risk Syria repeat

Libya looks to be at the end of one bleak chapter, but there is no guarantee that the next will be any better for a country that has been torn to pieces by civil war and foreign intervention since Col Muammar Gaddafi met his grisly death in 2011.

Erdogan extends his reach into Libya, some think to restore Ottoman Empire

In what many observers see as an effort to exert substantial control over the Mediterranean in view of restoring the former glory of the Ottoman Caliphate, Turkey has begun sending Syrian mercenaries to Libya to bolster the UN-backed government there against General Khalifa Haftar and his rebels.

Erdogan seeks a “greater Turkey” through Libya conflict

MPs in Turkey passed a bill approving the deployment of troops to Libya last Thursday in support of the embattled UN-backed government there, shoring up a relationship that experts say is a consolidation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s idea of a ‘greater Turkey’ resembling the Ottoman Empire.

No US, Russia Support for UN Call for Libya Truce

The United States and Russia both said Thursday they could not support a United Nations Security Council resolution calling for a cease-fire in Libya at this time, diplomats said, as mortar bombs crashed down on a suburb of the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

3rd Nigerian Church Leader Kidnapped in 2 Weeks

Two Nigerian Christian church leaders were kidnapped on March 25th following the discovery of the body of a Catholic priest who had been the victim of kidnapping two weeks ago.

Arab League unites against Trump’s Israel policy

Leaders meeting in Tunisia for the annual Arab League summit on Sunday were united in their condemnation of Trump administration policies seen as unfairly biased toward Israel but divided on a host of other issues, including whether to readmit founding member Syria.

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