Baptist prisoner's family pressured to convert to Islam in Turkmenistan

The wife and children of Baptist prisoner Shageldy Atakov in Turkmenistan have been told by the local mullah, administration officials and officers of the country's political police, the KNB (former KGB), that they may not believe in Jesus Christ and must convert to Islam. According to a statement from local Baptists -- passed on to Keston News Service by the German-based Friedensstimme mission -- officials in the town of Kaakhka, close to Turkmenistan's southern border with Iran, also warned Atakov's wife, Artygyul, that the family home would be confiscated if Christians continue to meet there.

Christian Workers Beaten For Showing 'Jesus' Film in India

Members of the radical Hindu group the Bajrang Dal beat two Christian workers, David Massey and Simon Sakria, for more than two hours on January 4 for showing a "Jesus" film in Jehra, a remote village on the Rajasthan-Gujarat border in western India. Church leaders said the two Christians had gone to visit the house of a local pastor when they were attacked.

A New Generation of Media Savvy Christians is Making an Impact in Russia

MOSCOW, RUSSIA (November 9, 2000) -- The "Moscow School of Broadcasting" is housed in an unassuming building about an hour south of Moscow. From the outside, it could be anything -- an office building, a college dorm, or even an apartment complex. But inside, it's a combination lecture hall and television studio, and the class is filled with 25 young Christians being trained to produce Christian programming for Russian television.

India's Christians Face New Century with Confidence

More than a year after Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two sons, Timothy and Phillip, were brutally murdered in Orissa state, Christians in India continue to be harassed and persecuted. And according to church leaders, the Sangh Parivar (family of Hindu fundamentalist groups) sponsors much of it in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. These states have become the laboratory of "Hindutva" (cultural nationalism).