India: Hindu Extremists Beat Four Pastors

Seven youths beat Pastor Robert Kennedy of Bangalore in Karnataka state on Sunday (January 7), after asking him to “pray for a sick friend.” The pastor required 16 stitches to his head and back after the assault.

Pastor among three charged with Quran sacrilege

A Muslim cleric has accused three Christians including a pastor of the village, 55/2 L, some 2 Kms from the city, of blaspheming the Quran, the Muslims holy book.

Pastor in India Arrested During Sunday Worship

Police on Sunday (July 16) arrested Pastor Om Prakash Pandey while he was leading worship at his independent church in the village of Daksinwara, in the Sultanpur district of Uttar Pradesh state.

India Police Search for Suspected Killers of Pastor

Police in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh searched Monday, June 19, for suspects involved in the killing of a 67-year preacher from the Church of South India, while another church leader was still recovering from injuries following an attack against him, religious rights investigators said.

Nigerian Churches Marked for Demolition in Zamfara State

‘For your information, the state Governor, Alhaji Ahmed Sani, has ordered that your church should be demolished before his arrival in this town tomorrow. So, we shall carry out this directive tomorrow morning.’

Assaulted Christians Pressured in Maharashtra, India

Radical Hindus of Jamanya village, in Maharashtra state’s Jalgaon district, remain hostile to Christian families who were attacked on May 16 – threatening to beat them if they refuse to renounce their faith, detaining and beating a Christian visitor, and attacking the house of another believer.

Hindu Extremists Surround Christian Compound in Bihar, India

A mob of Hindu extremists surrounded a mission compound in India’s Bihar state on August 31 and kept it under siege for three days. The mob attempted to kill the Rev. Augustine Jebakumar, director of the mission, and demanded his arrest for allegedly desecrating a Hindu idol.

Indonesian Pastor Still Missing

The family of the Rev. Jokran Ratu, kidnapped four months ago on a remote Indonesian island, still does not know whether he is dead or alive. No ransom demand has been received and police have not apprehended the kidnappers.

Sri Lanka to Vote on Anti-Conversion Bill

The Sri Lankan government will cast a deciding vote on anti-conversion legislation in April, despite sharp criticism of the “Act for the Protection of Religious Freedom.”

Prominent Eritrean Pastor Disappears in Asmara

A leading evangelical pastor disappeared off the streets of Asmara four days ago, presumably detained by Eritrean security forces and jailed at some unknown location.

Egypt Christians Wounded in Muslim Violence

“Numerous Christian individuals” in Egypt and their properties were attacked by nearby Muslims angry over plans to found a church, an organization representing Egyptian believers confirmed Tuesday Nov. 18.

ACLJ Files Suit in Florida After Christian Ministry Denied Real Estate Tax-Exempt Status

(Orlando, FL) – The American Center for Law and Justice, an international public interest law firm, announced today it has filed a lawsuit in Florida state court against Orange County on behalf of a Christian ministry that operates The Holy Land Experience in Orlando contending that county officials are discriminating against the ministry by denying a request for exemption of property taxes.

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