Germany Halts Deportation Iranian Christian

A German court has ruled that German authorities cannot deport a Christian asylum seeker back to Iran where he may face execution for converting from Islam to Christianity, news reports said Thursday, July 27.

Germany Threatens To Deport Iranian Christian

Germany plans to deport an Iranian asylum seeker back to Iran, although he may face execution there because he converted from Islam to Christianity, BosNewsLife monitored Tuesday, July 11.

Mexico Releases Evangelicals Jailed Over Massacre

Mexican authorities have agreed to release some of 90 jailed men, including evangelical Christians, who were charged with involvement in killing 45 Tzotzil Indians in southeast Mexico in 1997, sources close to the negotiations said Monday, July 10.

‘Blasphemy’ Suspect Flees Pakistan

A Pakistani “blasphemy” suspect has appealed for asylum in Holland after facing police torture and attacks by Muslim extremists for his controversial religious views.

Christian Converts Concerned As Netherlands Government Collapses

Dutch Queen Beatrix was weighing her options late Friday, June 30, after the center-right government collapsed over an immigration row that was expected to also impact persecuted Christian converts seeking refuge in the Netherlands.

Comoros Detains Christians Amid Concerns Over Persecution

Four men remained in jail in the Comoros Saturday, June 17, for their “involvement in Christianity” amid a crackdown on Christians on these Indian Ocean islands, well informed Christian sources said.

US and Rights Group Condemn Uzbekistan’s Crackdown on Christians

Human rights officials in Europe and the United States expressed concern Wednesday, May 3, over the persecution of Christians in the former Soviet republic of Uzbekistan, nearly a year after hundreds of people died when security forces opened fire on pro-democracy demonstrators.

Amsterdam Declaration underscores ‘biblical integrity’ in evangelism

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands (BP)–The “first task” of Christian leaders is “to preserve the biblical integrity of the proclamation of the church and serve as vision carriers of its evangelistic vocation,” according to an Amsterdam Declaration issued at the conclusion of the Billy Graham-sponsored Amsterdam 2000 conference, July 29-Aug. 6 in The Netherlands.

Glimpses of History: Menno Simons, Fugitive Leader

To know Menno Simons was dangerous; to befriend him, deadly. For sheltering Menno, Tjard Reynders was broken on the wheel. A ferryman was executed for bearing Menno down the Meuse River. Surely Menno Simons must have been a desperate criminal for mere accomplices to receive such stiff sentences!

Netherlands legalize Euthanasia

The Netherlands has become the first country in the world to legalise euthanasia, after the Dutch senate formally approved a bill allowing mercy killing.

Dutch weigh legalized euthanasia even for children as young as 12

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (BP)–Pro-life activists in the Netherlands are facing an uphill struggle as they mobilize opposition to a government proposal to legalize euthanasia and “assisted suicide” — even for children as young as 12.

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