Obama administration knew about North Korea's miniaturized nukes

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Tuesday's bombshell Washington Post story that the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has determined North Korea is capable of constructing miniaturized nuclear weapons that could be used as warheads for missiles – possibly ICBMs – left out a crucial fact: DIA actually concluded this in 2013. The Post also failed to mention that the Obama administration tried to downplay and discredit this report at the time.

North Korea releases pastor amid nuclear ICBM threats

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Hyeun-soo Lim, the Korean Canadian church leader sentenced to life in prison with hard labour, has been freed today (9 August) 'on sick bail', says a North Korean state news agency. Convicted in December 2015 by the country’s Supreme Court of numerous charges, including an attempt to overthrow the government, he had been detained in North Korea since February 2015.

Defectors Wage War Against North Korea

According to citizens who have fled the country, a growing number of North Koreans are switching on unauthorized radios—devices they’ve rigged or bought on the black market that can pick up signals beyond the country’s darkened borders. They listen to programs tailored to reach them with news about the outside world—and the reality of their own regime. Perhaps the most effective messengers: North Korean defectors.