Rescued Missionary Worker Arrives Home

The injured but rescued US missionary worker Gracia Burnham, who lost her husband but not her faith in Christ, hugged their three children Monday in Kansas City Monday June 10, after a year-long hostage drama in the jungle of the Philippines.

New Tribes Mission reiterates: ‘no ransom’ for kidnapped workers

New Tribes Mission has issued a news release denying “any participation in attempts to pay ransom or raise money for ransom” for the release of missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham who were kidnapped in the Philippines on May 27 of last year.

Two Foreign Christians Remain Held by Saudi Authorities

Terry Madison, U.S. president and CEO of Open Doors with Brother Andrew has said that Saudi Arabia’s treatment of two expatriate Christians is further proof of why this desert Kingdom is among the world’s worst persecutor of Christians.

Christmas Season Tense for Pakistan’s Christains

Five weeks after Islamic extremists gunned down 15 Pakistani Christians in a Sunday morning worship service, church leaders across Pakistan admitted that their congregations remain “tense and fearful” as Christmas approaches.

Jeddah Police Holding 13 Foreign Christians in Custody

At least 13 foreign Christians have been arrested since mid July in Jeddah, where Saudi Arabia’s religious police are apparently trying to track down Saudi nationals thought to have contact with expatriate house churches in the city.

Abu Sayyaf Seeks U.S. Negotiation for Missionary Safe Release

The Philippines military has theorized that the Muslim extremist group Abu Sayyaf, which is holding American missionary couple Martin and Gracia Burnham of Kansas City, has opened its communication lines with officials of the White House in the United States to negotiate for the safe release of the Burnhams.

Bible school vandalized in India

Vandals recently broke into the office of a Bible school in India, tied up the schools’ cook, and destroyed the office.

The vandals seem to have thoroughly planned their attack. The school is housed in two buildings, and both buildings were ransacked at the same time. About thirty-five people live at the training center.

Massive Crackdown Against Vietnam’s Highland Christians

HO CHI MINH, Vietnam (Compass) — There has been a long history of persecution of minority Christians in Vietnam’s Western Highlands, where churches have largely had to operate underground since the communist takeover in 1975.

Southern Baptists ending talks with Roman Catholics

ATLANTA (ABP) — Southern Baptist leaders have informed the Roman Catholic Church that they are cutting off official conversations between the two groups that have been going off and on for 30 years.

‘With God, all things are possible’ ruled constitutional as Ohio motto

COLUMBUS, Ohio (BP)–A 9-4 federal court ruling for Ohio’s motto, “With God, all things are possible,” is “an important victory for freedom and a sound defeat for those who want to strip our nation of its religious heritage,” constitutional attorney Jay Sekulow said.

Jailed Pakistani Christian Evangelists Freed on Bail

After eight days in jail, two Pakistani evangelists arrested in Jacobabad for distributing Christian literature and tapes of the documentary “Jesus” film were released on bail January 19.

Ongoing Harassment of the Church in China

“The most severe persecution happened to us on Sunday, October 17, 1999. They detained 150 Christians and prepared to send some of them to ‘reform through education’ camps for three years. They fined some of us 2,000 RMB. They didn’t even give me a receipt. (Society here is now so corrupt!) But we did not cease to meet.”

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