Israel To Use Photos of Slain Baby to Show PA’s True Colors

Israel’s Foreign Ministry has instructed its missions abroad to make extensive use of photographs of the 10-month-old Jewish baby girl killed by Palestinian sniper fire in Hebron on Monday to show the world the brutal campaign of violence and terrorism Israel is facing.

Fatah Worried Intifada May Be Running Out of Gas

Marwan Barghouti, the senior Fatah leader in the “West Bank,” is having a hard time explaining how a “popular” Palestinian uprising is not so popular among the public anymore.

PLO Plans to Flood Jerusalem With Refugees

An Arab reporter for the Hebrew-language newspaper YERUSHALAYIM recently reviewed the plans of the Palestinian Authority should Israel cede control over east Jerusalem, which includes a plot to flood the city with Palestinian refugees.

Fatah Behind Terror Attack Inside Israel

Israel’s security services have captured the terrorist responsible for planting pipe bombs on a Tel Aviv bus two weeks ago, and it turns out he is a Fatah activist of Jordanian origin.

Fatah Issues New Threats to Israelis

In separate statements circulating on Monday, militants in the main PLO faction Fatah threatened to “turn the lives of all the settlers into a living hell” and to kill Israeli reporters covering stories in Bethlehem.

PA Sentences Another “Collaborator” To Death

ICEJ NEWS – 08/22/2001 Amid approving shouts from spectators, a Palestinian Authority security court in Gaza this week sentenced to death a 24-year-old half-retarded Arab man for suspected “collaboration” with Israel. The condemned man, Khaled al-Oukka, simply smiled as the sentence of death by firing squad was read out, a reaction his father said was due to his retardation. He joins at least six other recently convicted “informers” on death row. At least seven more alleged spies have been slain by vigilante groups in recent weeks, including the body of one found in a garbage dump in the Bethlehem area … Read more

Israel in Dual with PA Over Ramallah

The city of Ramallah is serving as the showcase in a battle of wills between the new government of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the recoiling regime of PLO chief Yasser Arafat over the use of economic sanctions and blockades to douse the violent Palestinian uprising.

Palestinian Areas Descending Into Chaos

In a sign of spiraling mistrust and lawlessness in Palestinian areas over the past week, two Palestinians were summarily executed for alleged collaboration with Israel, three more were secretly murdered by militants, another two have been sentenced to death, and at least five others have been arrested as suspected informers. And in Gaza on Wednesday, the head of Palestinian TV was shot dead by masked gunmen in an unexplained hit.

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