Peru Releases “Unjustly Jailed” Evangelical After 13 Years

Peruvian evangelical Christian Walter Wilmer Cubas Baltasar was spending another day in freedom Monday, February 13, after serving 13 years in prison for terrorist crimes he did not commit, human rights groups confirmed.

Eight House Churches Shut Down in West Java, Indonesia

Local government officials in Bandung, West Java, have ordered eight house churches in the Rancaekek Kencana housing complex to cease meeting in private homes starting last Sunday (January 15).

Two Unjustly Held Christian Prisoners Declared Innocent in Peru

Two Christian prisoners, one of whom has spent ten years behind bars, have recently been declared innocent in Peru. The first, Lucio Vilca Galindo, was arrested for the second time in April 1995. He was accused of treason against the state – a crime for which he had already been tried and acquitted. His first trial in 1993 was in a Naval Court where he was accused along with a group of others of being part of the Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) and participating in subversive acts. The co-accused, however, stated in various forms that they had never met Lucio before and he was released.

Still No Justice for David De Vinatea

LIMA,PERU (ANS) — “We’re praying for the liberation of my husband,” Chely Heredia de Vinatea told a Christian leader who visited her husband David, an evangelical imprisoned six years for narco-trafficking crimes he did not commit. “Maybe the Lord has us praying for the liberation of a country.”

New Human Rights Council in Peru Tackles Plight of Innocents

COCHABAMBA, Bolivia (Compass) — In late June, the government of Peru initiated a special task force, the National Human Rights Council, which is charged with freeing persons wrongfully imprisoned as terrorists.

Peruvian Terrorists Murder Christian Leader

AUSTIN, Texas, March 24 (Compass) — An evangelical Peruvian village leader was executed March 20 after Marxist guerrillas declared him guilty of taking part in police and military activities.

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