Pastor's pro-life prayer in Jesus' name at Fla. legislature sparks controversy

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (BP)--When Daryl Orman was invited to deliver the March 9 invocation for the Florida House of Representatives, he had no idea the invitation would put him in the middle of a statewide controversy. But that's exactly what happened when Orman, pastor of First Baptist Church, Stuart, asked Jesus to instill in the lawmakers "the desire to protect the unborn."

More Football Game Prayers Expected; Pro-Family Groups Urge Fans On

(AgapePress) - In June, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that prayer over public address systems at high school football games is illegal. As the football season opened across the country last weekend, many stadiums were the site of citizen- and student-led prayers. More prayers are expected at high school football games this weekend, continuing a campaign that pro-family groups hope will catch on across the nation.

International Aid Sending Medicine, Food to Mozambique

SPRING LAKE, Michigan (Wednesday, March 15, 2000) -- "There are over 300,000 still in refugee camps in Mozambique, almost 2,000 still stranded in isolated pockets and the death total could climb into the thousands. Almost 150 schools have been destroyed. There are many reports of malaria and some cholera. When the floods started there was an initial report of 300 cases of malaria in one camp, but today it has jumped to 4,905. There could be an epidemic of malaria.