Sharon Returns Vowing to Fight Mounting Terror

After receiving clear backing from the Bush Administration for his guarded approach with the Palestinians, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon returned home amidst escalating violence on Thursday and swore to get tough soon.

Heavy Clashes and Widespread Shootings in Yesha

Not even heavy rains were able to dampen the Palestinian uprising, as Tuesday saw widespread terrorist shootings against Israeli targets and today was marked by an intense nine-hour gun battle in southern Gaza.

Hamas Films Ambush on IDF Tank in Gaza

Hamas staged a roadside bombing in Gaza on Monday that harkened back to the IDF’s long fight against Hizb’Allah in Lebanon, while the Arab woman believed to be part of a Fatah terrorist cell that lured Jewish teenager Ofir Rahum to his death in an ambush near Ramallah last Wednesday has been captured by Israeli security forces.

The Egyptian Government, Opposition, and Independent Press All Celebrate the Terrorists Attacks on t

Columnists from the government press joined Egypt’s opposition press in celebrating the attacks on the U.S .
Egypt’s government press displayed unconditional support for President Mubarak’s position on the struggle against terrorism, and also leveled criticism at the U.S. for its disregard of Mubarak’s past recommendations regarding terrorism. However, most of the columnists focused on America’s plans for military reprisal. Al-Akhbar daily columnist Ahmad Ragab compared the terror attacks on the U.S. to the expected American military operation: “The U.S. and terrorism suffuse a foul atmosphere throughout the world. The smiles have disappeared from the faces of the peoples, who wait, across the world, for the disaster that either terrorists or the U.S. will visit upon them. The U.S. has become like the terrorists.”(1)

Indian Government Launches War on Terrorism and Missionaries

BANGALORE, India (Compass) — The Indian government has launched its own “war on terrorism” against two fronts: terrorists and missionaries. The Hindu fundamentalist government is planning to introduce two bills that are being condemned as “draconian” by religious minorities in India.

Turkish Court Releases Jailed Christian in Southeast

An Assyrian Christian arrested a month ago for taking home videos in an ancient churchyard in Turkey’s heavily militarized Southeast was ordered released today by Diyarbakir’s State Security Court.

Israeli and Palestinian Forces Engaged in Open Warfare

Despite renewed political and security contacts, there has been no let up in recent days in the Palestinian-initiated war against Israel, as IDF forces responded with increasingly heavier firepower to Palestinian mortar and sniper attacks.

Peruvian Terrorists Murder Christian Leader

AUSTIN, Texas, March 24 (Compass) — An evangelical Peruvian village leader was executed March 20 after Marxist guerrillas declared him guilty of taking part in police and military activities.

Middle East Crisis Headlines – 1/15/2001

A 32-year-old Jewish resident of the Gaza community of Kfar Yam was found dead today in an onion field on his farm, after he was abducted and killed by Palestinian terrorists while working at his greenhouses. Roni Tsalah went missing lasting night prompting a major search by the Israeli army.

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