Russia Launches Huge Drone Attack On Ukraine

With Ukraine’s counter-offensive imminent or already underway, Russia launched massive drone and missile strikes on the war-torn country with air raid sirens sounding nationwide.

Russia’s Wagner Group Stays In Bakhmut, As Ukraine ‘Launches Attacks’ (Worthy News Radio)

The boss of Russia’s Wagner Group mercenaries says Moscow has agreed to his demands for more ammunition days after threatening to withdraw his men from the eastern city of Bakhmut. Sunday’s announcement came as Kyiv claimed to have shot down one of Russia’s most supersonic weapons following deadly Russian shelling and allegedly carried out attacks inside Russia and Russian-occupied Crimea, prompting nuclear threats by a former Russian deputy prime minister.

Ukraine’s President Seeks War Tribunal For Russia (Worthy News Radio)

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for a war crimes tribunal to prosecute Russia for alleged atrocities. Zelensky made the appeal in the Dutch city of The Hague, where he also denied being responsible for an alleged drone strike targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russia Rejects US Casualty Claims As Battle Continues (Worthy News Radio)

Moscow on Tuesday rejected a U.S. assessment of massive Russian military casualties in Ukraine but declined to give its own estimates. The United States said Monday that Russia’s military had sustained 100,000 casualties in the past five months, including tens of thousands of dead. Many soldiers are killed and injured in the battle for Bakhmut, Ukraine’s devastated eastern city that has become of symbolic importance for both sides of so far Europe’s bloodiest conflict in the 21st century.

Russia Unleashes Missiles Strike in Ukraine Ahead of Counteroffensive (Worthy News Radio)

Authorities say dozens of people have been injured in a series of Russian missile strikes at Ukrainian cities ahead of an expected counteroffensive by Ukraine’s military. The most devastating attacks hit the eastern Ukrainian town of Pavlohrad, wounding 34 people, including five children, officials said. Two women were said to be in intensive care.

Chinese and Ukrainian Leaders Talk Peace, But Bloodshed Continues (Worthy News Radio)

The president of war-torn Ukraine said Wednesday he had held a meaningful dialogue with China’s leader after Beijing unveiled a peace plan to end the armed conflict between Kyiv and Moscow. Yet despite the talks between President Volodymyr Zelensky and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, there were no signs of peace returning to the frontline of an armed conflict in which hundreds of thousands of people are believed to have been killed and injured.

More Bloodshed In Final Battle For Bakhmut (Worthy News Radio)

Soldier by soldier, trench by trench, street by street, Russian and Ukrainian forces enter their final bloody battle for Bakhmut, the symbolically important eastern Ukrainian city, in an otherwise devastating war. Ukrainian and Russian soldiers suffer massive casualties.

Killings in Ukraine Overshadow Orthodox Easter (Worthy News Radio)

Kyiv says Russia has shelled a block of flats in the eastern Ukrainian city of Sloviansk, killing nine people, including a toddler. However, Russia said later that Ukrainian forces also attacked a town in Russian-controlled Donetsk, killing at least four and injuring 10 people. The clashes have overshadowed the Orthodox Easter many in Ukraine and Russia celebrated.

Ukrainians Preparing for War-Ravaged Easter (Worthy News Radio)

The people in Ukraine are preparing for a sad Easter as there are no signs of a ceasefire. However, as Christian residents in Ukraine prepared to celebrate the Biblical victory over death in the resurrection of Christ on Sunday, there was a reminder that war is never far away.

Officials: US Providing Ukraine $2.6 Billion in Military Aid

The U.S. will send Ukraine about $500 million in ammunition and equipment and will spend more than $2 billion to buy an array of munitions, radar and other weapons in the future, U.S. officials said, as the Ukrainian troops prepare for a spring offensive against Russian forces.

Deadly Clashes Spoil Palm Sunday in Ukraine (Worthy News Radio)

Palm Sunday was far from peaceful in Ukraine, with Kyiv saying at least three civilians were killed and six wounded in Russian shelling of the town of Kostiantynivka. The reported destruction came as Ukrainian forces desperately tried to push back Russian forces in Ukraine’s volatile east.

Russia Takes Over U.N. Security Council, Despite Anger (Worthy News Radio)

Russia has taken over the presidency of the United Nations Security Council despite war-torn Ukraine urging members to block the move. As a result, the Security Council is now being led by a nation whose president is subject to an international arrest warrant for alleged war crimes and who places nuclear weapons in Belarus.

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