Uzbekistan: Police Seek Missing Pastors of ‘Unregistered’ Churches

Salavat Serikbayev, 32, and Makset Djabbarbergenov, 26, did not make their court date on Monday (February 26) in the regional capital of Nukus to face charges of leading an unregistered religious meeting. The pastors declined to make public the reason for their absence from court.

Uzbekistan: Officials Admit Arrest of Protestant Pastor

Uzbekista’s religious authorities admitted publicly for the first time this week that an Uzbek Christian pastor was arrested last month in the eastern city of Andijan and now faces criminal charges.

Uzbekistan Pastor Remains Jailed; Family in Hiding

An evangelical pastor remained behind bars in Uzbekistan Monday, February 5, more than two weeks after he was detained by secret police on charges of “incitement to hatred on national, racial or religious grounds.”

Uzbekistan: Secret Police Arrest Andijan Pastor

Uzbek secret police arrested a Protestant pastor from his church in Andijan last weekend, seven months after a regional prosecutor had accused him of committing high treason.

Uzbekistan Secret Police Detains Protestant Pastor

Uzbekistan’s secret police detained Protestant Pastor Dmitry Shestakov at his church in the city of Andijan last weekend, after a regional prosecutor had accused him of “committing high treason,” a Christian news agency reported Thursday, January 25.

Uzbekistan Releases Six “Tortured” Christians from Prison

Six Christian men who were arrested in Uzbekistan amid a reported government-led crackdown on Christians and churches across the former Soviet republic have been released, their supporters told BosNewsLife Friday, September 8.

Uzbekistan Crackdown on Christians and NGO’s, Sources Say

There was mounting concern Wednesday, July 26, over a new crackdown on Christians in Uzbekistan after authorities closed down US-based aid group Central Asia Free Exchange (CAFE) on charges of “illegal religious activities,” including preaching the Gospel.

US and Rights Group Condemn Uzbekistan’s Crackdown on Christians

Human rights officials in Europe and the United States expressed concern Wednesday, May 3, over the persecution of Christians in the former Soviet republic of Uzbekistan, nearly a year after hundreds of people died when security forces opened fire on pro-democracy demonstrators.

Uzbek Television Slanders Protestant Church

A so-called “documentary” televised regionally in Uzbekistan last summer has left entire communities convinced that a Protestant congregation is an “extremist” group worse than fundamentalist Islam.

Uzbekistan Christian Villagers Beaten and Expelled From Homes

Former Muslim residents in a remote village of the ex-Soviet union republic of Uzbekistan are being beaten, publicly humiliated and forced from their homes and jobs for converting to Christianity, a news agency investigation religious persecution said Friday, October 21.

Uzbekistan Destroys Christian Leaflets for Children

Almost 600 Uzbek-language Christian leaflets for children distributed by Baptists have been destroyed in Uzbekistan after a court in Tashkent region ordered the destruction last month, BosNewsLife monitored Wednesday, September 7.

Uzbekistan: Harsh Measures Against Protestants in Karakalpakstan

he authorities in Karakalpakstan, an autonomous republic in the north-west of Uzbekistan, are trying to halt the spread of Christianity among Karakalpakstan’s native peoples (Uzbeks, Kazakhs and Karakalpaks, who are historically Muslims),

First Uzbek Edition of Proverbs Published in Tashkent

ISTANBUL, April 5 (Compass) — An Uzbekistan government official publicly hailed the Bible as “a priceless source of knowledge” during a March ceremony marking the first local publication of an Uzbek edition of Proverbs.

Christian Uzbek Pastor Marks One Year in Prison

ISTANBUL, March 6 (Compass) — A Christian Uzbek pastor jailed since February 1999 on contrived fraud charges is being subjected to physical beatings for witnessing to his cellmates, church sources in the Central Asian republic reported in early March.

Uzbek Police Jail Another Christian

A Christian leader in western Uzbekistan’s autonomous Karakalpakstan region has been jailed since July 25, accused by local police of illegal drug possession.

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