Vietnam Jams Hmong Christian Radio Broadcasts

Authorities in Vietnam are jamming Christian radio broadcasts in a desperate attempt to curb the rapid spread of Protestant Christianity among the Hmong minority in the country’s northwest provinces along the China border.

Last Assembly of God church in Vietnam destroyed

The last Assembly of God church building in the nation of Vietnam was destroyed last week. Before 1975, the Assemblies of God church had ten church buildings in Vietnam. Nine were destroyed or confiscated by the government prior to the year 2000. The final church, in the coastal city of Vung Tau, was demolished last week.

Vietnamese Protestants try to normalize relations with state

21 February 2000 (Newsroom) — Vietnamese Communist authorities are negotiating with Protestant church leaders to normalize relations, reports the World Evangelical Fellowship (WEF). If successful, the talks could pave the way for recognition of house churches that existed before the Communists took control in 1975, according to some Protestant leaders.

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