Thousands flee raging wildfires in western US, Canada

Wildfires barreled across the baking landscape of the western U.S. and Canada, destroying a smattering of homes, forcing thousands to flee and temporarily trapping children and counselors at a California campground.

U.S. Faces Record of Wildfires (Video)

Across the nation, there have been more than 26,000 wildfires since January, compared to 22,000 for all of 2013. So far this year, California has been scorched as a total of 3,300 wildfires have been reported so far — triple its average and there’s no let up in sight.

Russia Sits Under Potential Radiation Cloud

Fires in Russia have scorched forests contaminated with radiation from the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine, but it was unclear how dangerous the toxic smog might be according to Russian officials, Worthy News monitored on August 12.

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