Worthy Christian News » Satanic Temple: Gay Marriage is 'a Sacrament'

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Worthy Christian News » Satanic Temple: Gay Marriage is 'a Sacrament'

Satanic Temple: Gay Marriage is 'a Sacrament'

Thursday, June 12, 2014 (2:57 am) | Worthy News / US News

(CNS / Worthy News)– The Satanic Temple, which gained international notoriety in May when it tried to hold a Black Mass reenactment at Harvard University, said one of the issues it feels strongly about is "gay rights" and explained that homosexual marriage is "a sacrament," just like heterosexual marriage.

"Gay rights is an important equal rights issue with particularly religious overtones. There is no valid secular argument against legal recognition of gay marriage, but the issue is often wrongly painted as one of Religion versus Civil Liberties. Of course, not all religions universally oppose gay marriage and we are in a position to underscore that point," Lucian Greaves, a spokesman for the Satanic Temple told CNS News.

The Satanic Temple spokesman also disclosed that he views himself as "a gay rights activist among many other things," adding that "the question of one's own personal sexual orientation is — or should be — irrelevant to their positions on Civil Liberties." — Source

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    it is them

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