Democrats punt same-sex marriage vote until after election

Democrats are punting a vote to protect same-sex and interracial marriages until after the November midterm elections, pulling back just days after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer vowed to put the Senate on the record on the issue “in the coming weeks.”

Gay Marriage Bans Tested in Four States

The U.S. Court of Appeals will hear six lawsuits seeking to strike down marriage amendments in four states: Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee. The states have passed amendments approved by its voters that defines marriage as being between a man and a woman.

Federal Judge Strikes Down Kentucky’s Marriage Amendment

A federal judge ruled that Kentucky’s law that recognized marriage as being between one man and one woman violated the constitutional rights of same-sex couples, however he placed a stay on his own decision, in effect placing his ruling on hold until the conclusion of the appeal process.

Wisconsin judge puts same-sex marriages on hold

A federal judge on Friday put same-sex marriages in Wisconsin on hold, a week after she struck down the state’s same-sex marriage ban as unconstitutional, a move that allowed more than 500 couples to wed over the last eight days.

Satanic Temple: Gay Marriage is ‘a Sacrament’

The Satanic Temple, which gained international notoriety in May when it tried to hold a Black Mass reenactment at Harvard University, said one of the issues it feels strongly about is “gay rights” and explained that homosexual marriage is “a sacrament,” just like heterosexual marriage.

Methodists Fear Split Over Same-Sex Marriage

Last month, a group of pastors and theologians called for an amicable split in the United Methodist Church over homosexuality, according to USA Today.

Christian Clerks Face Same-Sex License Showdown

new-yorkAlthough a memo circulated by the Alliance Defense Fund assured scrupulous New York State license clerks that they can delegate the issuance of same-sex marriage licenses to another clerk, Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice disagreed.

Duke U. To Allow Homosexual Marriage Ceremonies

(AgapePress) – The attack on God’s design for marriage continues at yet another prestigious school. A well-known university affiliated with the United Methodist Church says it will allow its chapel to be used for homosexual commitment ceremonies.

Nebraskans to vote on proposed ban of homosexual marriages & unions

WASHINGTON (BP)–Learning from the experience of other states grappling with the issue of legal recognition of homosexual unions, family groups in Nebraska have crafted a proposed amendment to the state constitution that seeks not only to ban homosexual marriage but declares same-sex domestic partnerships invalid as well.

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