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U.S. Steps Up Military Action Against the Islamic State

Thursday, August 21, 2014 | Worthy News / World News


WASHINGTON D.C. (Worthy News)-- President Obama, reacting to the brutal execution of an American journalist by Islamic State terrorists, called for a "common effort" across the Middle East to "extract this cancer so it does not spread" as U.S. fighter jets and drones stepped up attacks against IS.  Meanwhile, IS threatened to awaken sleeper cells in the West and promised America to "drown all of you in blood."  Along the U.S.-Mexico border, concern is being raised as Mexican drug cartels are in negotiations with the terrorist organization, according to a  U.S. Congressman.

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US military ramps up airstrikes in Iraq, weighs additional troops after execution video - Fox News
U.S. fighter jets and drones stepped up attacks on Islamic State targets in Iraq and the Obama administration was weighing sending more boots on the ground -- even as the group released a graphic video showing the beheading of American journalist James Foley.

Though the militants who executed Foley framed the brutal beheading as retaliation for American airstrikes, the administration gave no indication Wednesday that it was dialing back.

U.S. Forces Tried But Failed to Rescue U.S. Hostages in Syria - Washington Free Beacon
U.S. forces attempted to rescue journalist James Foley and other American hostages during a secret mission into Syria and exchanged gunfire with Islamic State militants only to discover the captives were not there, officials said on Wednesday.

US intel confirms journalist execution video 'authentic,' Obama vows 'relentless' fight against ISIS - Fox News
President Obama, reacting to the brutal execution of an American journalist by Islamic State terrorists, said Wednesday that the militant organization has "no place in the 21st century," as U.S. intelligence analysts confirmed the authenticity of a video showing the journalist's beheading.

The president, in brief remarks from Martha's Vineyard, said the video of James Foley's death "shocks the conscience," while vowing to continue the fight against the organization which has taken root across swaths of Iraq and Syria. He called for a "common effort" across the Middle East to "extract this cancer so it does not spread."

Islamic State warns it has sleeper cells in the West, raises the stakes with beheading of American - Jerusalem Post
It seems clear that Islamic State is raising the stakes, aware that the gruesome death of an American and the image of another one at the mercy of an executioner who is taunting a US president could invite retaliation - heavier air strikes at least.

Americans brace for new wave of Islamic State terror - Washington Times
The vicious Islamic State group now is vowing to broaden its war campaign to include killing Americans wherever and whenever it can.

Tuesday's horrific videotaped beheading of American photojournalist James Foley was packaged with a new Islamic State posting on social media threatening the United States: "We will drown all of you in blood."

Ominous signs point to ISIS connection at US southern border - Examiner
While the nation was preoccupied with angry protests in Ferguson, Mo., explosive new developments are emerging at the U.S. southern border. A news story surfaced today indicating that there are signs pointing to a direct ISIS terror connection at the U.S. border with Mexico. Citizens who have constantly warned that the lack of attention to the illegal alien crisis would lead to Islamic terrorists crossing the border into the United States from Mexico are expressing alarm at the latest developments.

Report: James Foley's killer is Londoner named John - Ynet News
The English-speaking militant who beheaded American journalist James Foley in a shocking and brutal video posted online days ago by the Islamic State terrorist organization is a British-born man from London known as John, online version of The Telegraph reported Thursday.

#ISISMediaBlackout goes viral following purported execution of James Foley - Washington Post
The release of a video depicting the purported beheading of American photojournalist James Foley has prompted a backlash against propaganda released by militants with the Islamic State, the group that claimed to have executed him.

The hashtag #ISISMediaBlackout began trending shortly after the video’s release on Tuesday, as Twitter users urged others not to share the video or any other graphic images released by the militant group. The hashtag references one of the group’s names, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, and was created shortly after the video was released. It appears to have originated with a woman using the Twitter handle @LibyaLiberty.

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Worthy Christian News » World News » U.S. Steps Up Military Action Against the Islamic State

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