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Temple Institute Raises Funds for Draft Plans for 3rd Temple

The Temple Institute has created a $100,000 Indiegogo campaign to raise financing for "architectural plans" to construct the Third Temple, which it says will be a "house of prayer for all nations" and will usher in "a new era of universal harmony and peace" as prophesied in the Bible.

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Netanyahu: Prepare for an Extended Operation (Video)

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prepared his country for an "extended operation inside Gaza" Monday night as fighting continued as Operation Protective Shield entered its 22nd day.

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Full Coverage: Operation Protective Edge Enters 21st Day

World powers holding talks with Iran over its enrichment program cannot leave it with the ability to produce a nuclear weapon, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday, a day after meeting with US National Security Adviser Susan Rice on the issue.
After U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry failed in bringing a ceasefire to the region, U.S. President Barack Obama called and urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanayahu to agree to a ceasefire late Sunday night as Operation Protective Edge enters its 21st day. Since the beginning of the operation, 2,538 rockets have been fired into Israel. The death toll in Gaza move above 1,000, while the Israel Defense Forces have lost 43 soldiers.

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Israel Stops Huge Terrorist Attack Planned for Rosh HaShannah

Hundreds of Hamas terrorists planned to invade Israel through its tunnels on Rosh HaShannah, the Jewish New Year, which begins on September 24, however the terrorist attack was stopped as Hamas' tunnel infrastructure was discovered by Israel Defense forces.

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Hamas Calls for a Third Intifada; UN School Hit (Video)

As Hamas continues to use hospitals, schools and mosques to wage war against Israel, at least 15 were killed and as many as 200 more were wounded at a UN school, as the IDF and Hamas exchanged fire. Meanwhile, Hamas called for the start of a third intifada, and the Palestinian Authority called for a "Day of Rage" today.

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Operation Protective Edge Enters 17th Day; Three IDF soldiers killed, 35 Terror Targets Hit

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) killed 15 terrorists and took at least 150 terror suspects as prisoner in the Gaza Strip last night. The IDF death toll was raised to 32 as three IDF soldiers were killed overnight. A major tunnel network was discovered on Wednesday that contained maps and weapons for an imminent attack. Israel has discovered 31 tunnels so far, but has only destroyed nine saying it needs more time to dismantle the underground network.

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FAA Lifts Ban on US Flights to Israel

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) lifted its ban on all US flights in and out of Israel late Wednesday. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized and was suspicious of the ban saying it was a means by the Obama administration to launch an economic boycott on Israel, in order to force a ceasefire in Gaza.

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Protective Edge Enters its 16th Day, Two IDF Soldiers Killed

Over the past 24 hours some 200 terrorist targets were destroyed. Two Israeli soldiers died in overnight fighting, raising the death toll of IDF soldiers to 29 as Operation Protective Edge enters its 16th day.

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UN Finds Rockets in a School for the Second Time

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) discovered rockets hidden in a vacant school for the second time in as many weeks in the Gaza Strip. Earlier this week, rockets found previously in a UNRWA run school were given back to Hamas.

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Israel Dismantling 'Underground' Gaza

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are waging war -- underground. As tunnels are uncovered on a daily basis, an underground Gaza has emerged complicating efforts in dismantling Hamas infrastructure. Tunnels stretching over 2.5 kilometers long, and costing an estimated $10 million dollars have been discovered and destroyed by the IDF. However, U.S. intelligence officials warn that Israel is underestimating the number and extent of the underground tunnel network.

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IDF Soldier Missing in Gaza, Presumed Dead; Soldier Kidnapped Claims Hamas

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said it identified six of seven bodies killed in Sunday's attack, and the seventh soldier is now considered 'missing in action'. Two more soldiers were killed in overnight action, raising the total of Israeli casualties to 27.

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US, UN Pressing Hard for Ceasefire in Gaza

UN Secretary-General Ban- Ki moon is to arrive in Israel on Tuesday, and US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Cairo on Monday night amid a sudden spurt of intensive efforts to broker a Gaza cease-fire, the Jerusalem Post reported.

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Seven Soldiers Killed; Sudanese Munitions Warehouse Destroyed

Seven Israeli soldiers have been killed over the past 24 hours in Gaza. Meanwhile, multiple reports indicate that a Sudanese munitions warehouse containing rockets intended for Hamas was destroyed on Friday night.

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Hamas Enters Israel Through Tunnels, Immediately Neutralized (Video)

Two Hamas cell groups infiltrated Israel through tunnels from the northern Gaza Strip were quickly identified and neutralized leaving ten of its members dead.

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13 Israeli Soldiers Killed Overnight, Hamas Defies Humanitarian Ceasefire

Thirteen Israeli soldiers, two of were U.S.-Israel dual citizens, from the Golani Brigade were killed in overnight fighting in the Gaza Strip. Sixty Hamas terrorists were killed in the overnight battle. On Sunday afternoon, Israel provided a ceasefire to allow humanitarian aid to enter the region, and Hamas broke the ceasefire launching a barrage of rockets into Israel.

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