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Latest World News
NATO Plans East European Bases to Counter Russia
NATO is to deploy its forces at new bases in eastern Europe for the first time, in response to the Ukraine crisis and in an attempt to deter Vladimir Putin from causing trouble in the former Soviet Baltic republics. [ No Comments ]

Ukraine Says It Has Captured Russian Soldiers
Ukrainian security services on Monday released video footage purporting to show Russian servicemen who were captured by Ukrainian government forces while fighting alongside pro-Moscow rebels in Ukraine. [ No Comments ]

Latest Israel News
Hamas Claims Victory as Ceasefire Goes Into Effect
As a ceasefire has been holding overnight, Hamas claimed victory in the recent conflict as Senior Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar said Palestinians would build their own airport and seaport without asking for anyone's permission to prepare for the "project of liberation" of all of Palestine. [ No Comments ]

Iranian General Threatens Surprise Military Strike on Israel
Iranian military leaders on Tuesday vowed that Tehran would take military action against Israel in response to an alleged Israeli drone that was shot down in Iran on Sunday, the Washington Free Beacon reported. [ 2 Comments ]

Latest U.S. News
Hundreds of Americans Fighting Alongside Islamic State
The U.S. government is tracking and gathering intelligence on as many as 300 Americans who are fighting side by side with the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria and are poised to become a major threat to the homeland. [ No Comments ]

Obama Pursuing Climate Accord Without Congress
The Obama administration is working to forge a sweeping international climate change agreement to compel nations to cut their planet-warming fossil fuel emissions, but without ratification from Congress. [ 1 Comment ]

Latest Christian News
Boko Haram Declares Nigerian Caliphate
In Gwoza, Abubakar Shekau -- the leader of the Islamist Boko Haram -- has declared an Islamic caliphate in Nigeria's northeastern Borno State. [ No Comments ]

Students Pray after Humanist Group Threatens Suit
Approximately 200 students and their parents gathered Wednesday at a Georgia high school in response to letters from a humanist group that threatened legal action if the school's coaches continued to promote Christianity. [ 1 Comment ]

Laos: Christians Accused of Murder Found Not Guilty, But …
Five Christians in Laos who were exonerated after falsely being accused of murder still remain in custody. [ No Comments ]

UK Hotel Chain Removes Bibles
One of Britain's largest hotel chains has decided to remove every Bible from its rooms, "an act of cultural vandalism upon a tradition that goes back 126 years." [ 3 Comments ]

Medical Missionaries Survive Ebola, Discharged from Hospital
Two American Ebola victims have been recently discharged from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. [ No Comments ]

Christian Owner Under Fire
A Christian restaurant owner is taking more than his kitchen's heat after offering a faith-based discount to his customers. [ 8 Comments ]

Iran Claims Pastor 'Waging War Against God'
An Iranian pastor has been charged with "waging war against God," a crime punishable by death, according to BarnabasAid. [ 4 Comments ]

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