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Latest World News
Christian News Service - Christian MagazineUS troops arrive in Poland for exercises across Eastern Europe amid Ukraine crisis - Fox News
U.S. Army paratroopers are arriving in Poland to begin a series of military exercises in four countries across Eastern Europe to bolster allies in the wake of Russia's annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula last month.
Latest Israel News
Christian News Service - Christian MagazineSource: Abbas doesn't want peace - Ynet News
Israel has responded to the demands set forth earlier today by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas according to which he would be willing to extend peace talks if Israel would freeze settlement construction and talks would focus on delineating final border arrangements between Israel and the future-Palestinian state.
Latest U.S. News
Christian News Service - Christian Magazine'Hacking the Constitution': States Quietly Plan to Ditch Electoral College - Fox News
Nearly a dozen states have quietly signed onto a plan to effectively ditch the Electoral College and instead, award the White House to the candidate that wins the popular vote.
Latest Worthy News Features
The Taliban's 2001 Calendar of Religious Intolerance0


Taliban leader Mohammed Omar declares on Radio Shariat that any Afghan caught professing Christianity or Judaism would be executed, and that any non-Muslim found "trying to win converts" would also be killed.

Taliban Arrest 35 More Afghans In Alleged Missionary Probe0

ISTANBUL, September 10 (Compass) — Taliban authorities arrested 35 more Afghan aid workers over the weekend, bringing the total to more than 50 Afghans jailed by the strict Islamist regime since early August on suspicion of aiding covert Christian missionary work.

Afghanistan's Regime Denies Prisoners Exchange0

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (ANS) — The Foreign Minister of Afghanistan's Islamic Taliban regime denied Thursday, September 6, that his hard-line movement was considering a prisoner swap with the United States to free eight detained Western Christian relief workers. Reports from the region said that relatives of blind Egyptian militant Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, currently serving a life term in the United States for terrorism, proposed the prison exchange.

Foreign Aid Workers May Still Face Executions; Afghan Christians Pressured to Give Up Christ0

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (ANS) — Afghanistan's Islamic Taliban regime threatened Wednesday, September 5, to execute eight foreign Christian relief workers, as Western diplomats and relatives desperately tried to meet them.

Workers With Christian Organizations Leave Afghanistan as Crack Down Against Christians Intensifies0

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (ANS) — More than 50 foreign staff members of the US based Christian aid organizations International Assistance Mission (IAM) and Serve began leaving Afghanistan Saturday, September 1, after the Islamic Taliban regime closed their offices Friday.

Parents See Detained Aid Workers In Afghanistan; Foreigners Could be Released, but Afghans may be Ex0

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (ANS)– Parents of two American women have seen their daughters for the first time since they and 22 other aid workers were arrested August 5th on charges of spreading Christianity in Islamic Afghanistan. The Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) described the visit as an "emotional reunion" between the mother of Dana Curry, and the father of the other woman, Heather Mercy.

Workers Christian Aid Agency Face Execution in Afghanistan As Islamic rulers launch crack-down again0

KABUL/BUDAPEST (ANS)– There were new fears Thursday that 16 Afghan and eight foreign workers of the German based Christian relief agency Shelter Now International (SNI) may be executed, as the country's Islamic rulers prepared to arrest more Christians, including children.

Lawyer for Christian Aid Workers Returns to Kabul; British Reporter Shared Women's Cell Last Week0

ISTANBUL (Compass) — As aerial military strikes by U.S. forces continued to pound Afghanistan for the fourth consecutive day, the defense lawyer for eight Western relief workers imprisoned in Kabul left Pakistan this morning via the Khyber Pass to return to the Afghan capital.

Christians Pray for Detained Aid Workers as US Launches New Air Strikes Against Afghanistan0

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (ANS) — As the United States began a second day of air and missile attacks against Afghanistan Monday October 8, round the clock prayers intensified for twenty-four Christian aid workers held in a prison of the country's ruling Taliban regime.

Afghan Trial Resumes Against Christian Workers; Family Urges Bush to Postpone Military Action0

KABUL/ISLAMABAD (ANS) — The trial of eight Western aid workers accused of spreading Christianity in mainly Moslim Afghanistan resumed in the Afghan Capital Kabul Sunday, September 30, as family members pleaded to United States President George W. Bush to postpone retaliatory action against the country.

Kabul Court To Resume Christians' Trial Saturday0

ISTANBUL, September 27 (Compass) — The Taliban Supreme Court announced it will resume trial proceedings on Saturday against eight Western aid workers who have been jailed in the Afghan capital for the past two months on charges of preaching Christianity.

American Family Association Launches New Websites0

Tupelo, MS — An organization which uses boycotts to influence buying habits of TV advertisers is turning its efforts toward the Internet. American Family Association is developing two new websites to help in the battle against TV sex, violence, profanity, and anti-Christian bigotry.

ACLJ Secures Local Equal Access For Texas Church and Pastor Bringing an End To Federal Lawsuit0

ACLJ Secures Local Equal Access For Texas Church and Pastor Bringing an End To Federal Lawsuit (Marshall, Texas) — The American Center for Law and Justice, an international public interest law firm, announced today it has reached an agreement with a school district in Texas that clears the way for a pastor and his church […]

ACLJ Files Suit in Florida After Christian Ministry Denied Real Estate Tax-Exempt Status0

(Orlando, FL) – The American Center for Law and Justice, an international public interest law firm, announced today it has filed a lawsuit in Florida state court against Orange County on behalf of a Christian ministry that operates The Holy Land Experience in Orlando contending that county officials are discriminating against the ministry by denying a request for exemption of property taxes.

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