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Muslim Attackers Kill 17 Christians In Nigeria

Monday, May 9, 2011 | Tag Cloud

ABUJA, NIGERIA (Worthy News)-- Christians in northern Nigeria were mourning Saturday, May 7, after Muslim attackers reportedly killed 17 Christians, including the wife and three children of a pastor. Several Christian homes were also burned in the village of Kurum in Nigeria's tense Bauchi State, said advocacy group International Christian Concern (ICC).

ICC told Worthy News that it learned about the massacre Friday, May 6. “It is not right for anyone to kill another person, life is precious and a gift from God," explained ICC's Regional Manager for Africa, Jonathan Racho. No more details were immediately available, but the attack was the latest in a series of recent incidents in which hundreds of people died.

"Since 1999 in Bauchi state, several Christians have been killed but no one has been brought before justice. The government has to intervene. The government has to be fair to all its citizens,” said Reverend Turbe Ngodem in published remarks.

Reverend Ngodem is the General Secretary of Christian Association of Nigeria in Bauchi State. Since the introduction of Sharia, or Muslim, law in northern Nigeria in 1999, thousands of Christians have been killed by Muslim extremists, according to several rights groups and churches.


The latest round of violence followed April elections in which President Goodluck Jonathan, a southern Christian, was declared the winner.

Muslim supporters of his rival Muhammadu Buhari, a former military ruler, protested the outcome and attacked churches, witnesses said.

Racho said ICC has urged Nigeria's government to "prevent the bloodshed of innocent Christians in northern Nigeria. Nigeria must end impunity for the perpetrators of these heinous crimes.”

Jonathan warned last week he was considering imposing a state of emergency in two northern states.

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Worthy Christian News » Christian Persecution » Christian Persecution - Africa » Nigeria » Muslim Attackers Kill 17 Christians In Nigeria

3 thoughts on “Muslim Attackers Kill 17 Christians In Nigeria

  1. Heavenly Father, my heart breaks just thinking about the pastor and his wife and children being senselessly murdered. Please help me Heavenly Father, for I am also struggling with my anger over how these Muslim terrorists are not being held accountable as they should be. I pray for the surviving christians that they would not lose heart. I pray for your perfect peace, Heavenly Father, that surpasses all understanding to comfort your children in Nigeria as this senseless terror seems to go on endlessly. I pray that you would keep your children reminded that our trials here on Earth, as heartwrenching and severe to the point of death even, still will not last forever. Heavenly Father, no matter what these Muslims do, or anyone else does, your kingdom, Heavenly Father, will prevail for all eternity.

    • Praise the Lord my sister, yes we must pray always, for our far and near sisters and brothers that are being persecuted. Those that says they are Christians for real will be going though such a time as this also. We will be hated... We have to pray for one another.

  2. Yes, Father God, to whom belong all glory, majesty, and power.
    Arise, dear Lord and scatter your enemies like the hoarfrost in Winter.
    Cause your angles to surround and protect those who've survived this massacre.
    Restore to your people all they've lost. Comfort them, encourage them, heal them.
    Dear Lord, reach out to your sheep in Nigeria, my brothers and sisters in Christ.
    Cause deep shame and humiliation to come upon those who committed this crime.
    Bring them to justice or cause them to repent out of decency with your help!
    Cause these perpetrators to look at their own families and realize their mistake.
    Restore, Restore, Restore, dear Lord...
    Thank you, dear Lord...in Jesus name...

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Worthy Christian News » Christian Persecution » Christian Persecution - Africa » Nigeria » Muslim Attackers Kill 17 Christians In Nigeria