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Israel Group Campaigns Against Messianic Jews, Missionaries

Sunday, July 3, 2011 | Tag Cloud

By Stefan J. Bos, Worthy News International Correspondent

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL (Worthy News)-- A hard-line Jewish ultra-Orthodox group in Israel has launched a campaign against Christian missionaries and Jewish Christians, known as Messianic Jews, who they view as a security threat.

The group Yad L’Achim confirmed Wednesday, June 29, that one of its latest activities wasa noisy demonstration near the home of Serge and Naama Kogen, a native Israeli couple,who allegedly "converted" a Jewish teenager to Christianity.

Sunday's protest in Mevasseret Zion, a suburb west of Jerusalem, came despite public denials by the couple that they forced 16-year-old Donna Lubofsky to have faith in Yeshua (Jesus).

The couple said Donna expressed interest in attending their congregational worship and they had "obtained permission from her mother." The Kogens also claimed they helped the girl to overcome alcohol abuse and other potentially self-destructive behaviors amid tensions with her parents.

Donna said in published remarks that the Kogens "never tried to get me to believe. They are just good people.”


Yet, Yad L’Achim argued that "shocked parents quickly contacted" its "countermissionary department, which investigated the case and found that it was serious."

Yad L'Achim added that its lawyers visited the family "to help them file a police complaint against the missionary for harassment."

The group also said it would pressure Israel's parliament, the Knesset, to introduce tough legislation banning missionary activities in the Jewish state.

It already published an advertisement in Haaretz newspaper warning that "Messianic Jews are pulling the wool over our eyes". "The time has come to legislate a law that will put the brakes on the missionaries' destructive activities!", the June add concluded.

The group has also organized a mass protest against missionaries.


Additionally, Yad L’Achim expressed concerns about reports that 1,000 American Christians signed a document requesting to convert to Judaism, move to Israel, and settle in Samaria.

The plan was hatched by American Baruch Abramovich, who hosts a messianic Russian-Christian radio show. Yad L’Achim described the Christians however as "missionaries" whose real aim was to convert Jews to Christianity.

Abramovich reportedly said however that “We aspire to create a community in Samaria, or in any area that would like to absorb people who truly love Israel and the Jewish religion."

The latest developments have underscored what some Israeli media view as a significant escalation in incitement against local Jewish Christians and alleged missionaries. These are no isolated incidents.


In a recent comment, Israel's Channel One television noted that at a recent Yad L’Achim rally, Messianic Jews were declared as dangerous to the Jewish nation as Hitler had been.

The segment, titled “The Jewish Big Brother,” included an interview with a young Jewish woman who does not believe in Yeshua, Israel Today publication reported.

She is an organ player and the only place she could find to practice her music was a downtown Jerusalem monastery. But that’s when the trouble began, both for the girl and the monastery.

The girl recounted how her parents received an anonymous written warning from Jewish anti-missionaries who said their daughter was being preyed upon by Christians.


When the girl continued accepting the hospitality of the monastery she reportedly began receiving anonymous phone calls, and was sure she was being followed and watched. "I felt like I was in a suspense movie," she said. "I was constantly looking over my shoulder."

Yad L’Achim also targeted the monastery itself, advising Israel’s Ministry of the Interior to revoke the residency visa of the priest overseeing the facility, media reported.

His case was reportedly still pending, but the priest has apparently been forced to all but go underground in an effort to preserve both his and his staff’s ability to be in Israel.

Yad L’Achim director Rabbi Shalom Dov Lifschitz said however if the missionaries are not stopped, soon "there will be no Jews left here."

Messianic Jews counter that there's no reason for panic as they are real Jews who happen to believe that Yeshua is the Messiah.

Read more about the Christian Persecution in Israel.

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Worthy Christian News » Christian Persecution » Christian Persecution - Middle East » Israel » Israel Group Campaigns Against Messianic Jews, Missionaries

14 thoughts on “Israel Group Campaigns Against Messianic Jews, Missionaries

  1. If you've not seen this article with the embedded Israeli News video with translation, spend a few minutes and watch it.  http://www.worthynews.com/10112-israels-messianic-jews-face-orthodox-persecution

    • JamesD, you should pray for Israel. Remember what Paul wrote? "Blindness in part has happened to Israel until the time of the Gentiles be come in."  Read Romans 11. The Jews rejected Meshiach, and through their rejection, Salvation has come to the Gentiles. Gentiles are all peoples and nations that are not ethnically Jewish. Paul continues to write that we should remember that the root supports us and that we don't support the root. We have been grafted into Israel because of their blindness. We have Salvation because they rejected it (for now). Pray for them and don't stop praying. God loves Israel and always will. He will never forsake them. It's just that, for now, they are blinded to the fact that Jesus/Y'shua is their Meshiach.

    • You should continue to support Israel, as fulfilling our Biblical role to do so.  We also recognize that there is a blindness over them in part -- Romans 11 -- but those blinders will be removed in the future as the Bible declares!  If there wasn't a battle for the salvation of souls -- then there would be something wrong -- but because there is shows the enemy is fighting overtime to prevent the fulfillment of prophecy.

  2. Do we dare attach the label "Nazi" to these ultra orthodox Jews?  What an offensive claim to make towards anyone of the Jewish heritage.  How typical of the unregenerate man to accuse others of something while doing that same thing or worse to those they are vilifying.  A Jewish person does not lose their heritage just because they have chosen to believe in Yeshua Ha'mashiah as the true Messiah of Israel.  This is typical fanaticisim on the part of jewish terrorist (ultra orthodox) factions.  They represent the real danger to Israel because they will cause others to stop supporting Israel by their radical and violent actions against Israel's main non Jewish supporters > CHRISTIANS!

  3. If Christians would just let people get on with believing what they believe is right, organisations like Yad L'achim wouldn't be necessary.  I am Christian and this arrogance that only we can be right gets right on my wick. Just leave the Jews alone to believe what they want. It's not the Christian way and the wrong way. 

  4. I know what they think of Christians and Messianic Jews, and I know some of the persecution these groups face. It's sad because we're about the only supporters they have left. It doesn't matter to me, though. The Christian church has a long history of killing Jews. There are many good reasons why they hate Christians so much. Christians burned them alive in their synagogues during the Crusades, and while they were being gassed in German ovens, the last thing many of them heard were Christmas Carols. Luther's sick anti-antisemitism helped create the environment that led to Hitler's Germany. But we are called by the Jewish Messiah to love our enemies and to bless the least of His brothers... and His brothers are Jews -- whether many Christians like it or not or understand it or not.

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Worthy Christian News » Christian Persecution » Christian Persecution - Middle East » Israel » Israel Group Campaigns Against Messianic Jews, Missionaries