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Pastor faces Probation for Home Study

Wednesday, August 15, 2012 | Tag Cloud

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

PHOENIX, ARIZONA (Worthy News)-- Arizona Pastor Michael Salman is looking at more than three years of probation along with monthly inspections because of the Bible study he led in his Phoenix home.

Salman is currently serving a 60-day jail sentence for violating city zoning code regulations formerly applied to only commercial properties.

Salman, who is is due to be released in September, faces ten days of house arrest and three-and-a-half years of probation; in addition, the city of Phoenix can carry out unannounced inspections of Salman’s property once a month in order to ensure he's not holding Bible studies of more than 12 people.

One of Salman's attourneys, John Whitehead, noted that zoning officials in Phoenix had no issues with family reunions, football parties, or Boy Scout meetings. However, harassment of the Salmans soon began after Phoenix officials concluded that residential religious activities had to be governed by building codes meant for churches and commercial buildings.

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Worthy Christian News » Christian Persecution » Pastor faces Probation for Home Study

9 thoughts on “Pastor faces Probation for Home Study

  1. Good. I'm all about bible studies, but this guy blatantly disregarded building and zoning codes. Post all the details so we can know what this guy was really up to. He wasn't holding bible studies, he built a church in his backyard.

    • If you check the details, he built the facility in his back yard in complete compliance with all zoning rules and regulations as a recreation facility. It was fine until he decided to WORSHIP. Heaven forbid, we can't have a bunch of Christians worshiping in a recreation facility. I wonder if the town zoning officials would have uttered a peep if this worship facility had a crescent moon on the door?

      • Honestly, I haven't seen those details. Let me first say I have nothing against worship or anything. I played bass in my church's worship team for years w/o missing a sunday.

        But laws are laws. I followed the story when it first broke and all the details I read (from multiple sources) stated that the building was NOT in compliance with building code, and he had already been cited for it. He ignored it, and that's why they are throwing the book at him.

        Do you have any links/proof that state otherwise? That the building WAS in compliance? That would change my tune.

    • what not harassing parties? They do not keep with the building codes! The parties are more dangerous for people than a Bible study! Some people are blinded!!

  2. Kathleen Tonn / Move the Mountain Ministries... This is America, right? Then the citizens of Phoenix, Arizona need to begin the process of changing these city codes and/ or adding greater definition to the zoning stipulations that Pastor Michael Salman is accused of violating! Citizens' rights are diminshed and eradicated when the public buries their head in the sand. Likewise, totalitarian goverments love a lazy and an apathetic citizenry!

    • Well said, the only necessary for evil to triumph , it t good people to do nothing an most Christians do nothing to protect or take back their right.
      Try to do the same thing to a group of Muslims or gays and lesbians and you have riot on your hands.

  3. I'm sad to see our country so anti christian that they will put people in prison for having a Bible Study! By the way, that was one of the reasons the pilgrims came to America. The "code" is just an excuse to stop it. People can have any get together for any reason with as many people as they want with the only exception it can not be "religious". You can meet once a week for a football bash, or card night, etc. but you better not have a bible study, or you are out of code. He built a room in his back yard to try to apease the city councilmen. But an neighbor complained those people over there are having a "Bible Study",and it must be stopped! So our politically correct councilmen did there due diligence. So the home of the free gets another black eye!

  4. Unfortunately Kathleen, this is no longer America. America was built upon liberty and freedom. This country has not been a land of liberty or freedom for many decades. Don't believe it, try selling lemonade from your front yard or burning leaves in your back yard.

    We need to stand up and take back what we have lost. There are MANY more of US than there are of THEM. We must ALL hold Bible Studies in out homes and dare the police departments to arrest all of us. We must become actively involved in passive resistance.

    I would suggest everyone read BONHOEFFER, PASTOR, MARTYR, PROPHET, SPY.

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Worthy Christian News » Christian Persecution » Pastor faces Probation for Home Study