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Atheist Accuses Christians of Treason

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By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

american-christianityWASHINGTON, D.C. (Worthy News)-- While the Obama administration carefully avoids any religious connection between Islamic jihad and the Boston bombings, the president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation bluntly told Pentagon officials that Christian troops who proselytize are guilty of sedition and treason and should be punished.

“Someone needs to be punished for this,” said Mikey Weinstein. “Until the Air Force or Army or Navy or Marine Corps punishes a member of the military for unconstitutional religious proselytizing and oppression, we will never have the ability to stop this horrible, horrendous, dehumanizing behavior.”

Weinstein also said his Foundation has thousands of Protestant members who are only opposed to Christian fundamentalists.

“As soon as we find a fundamentalist Muslim, atheist, Jewish person or anybody else, we will be happy to fight them, but so far they have been few and far between,” he said.

Surprisingly, Weinstein seems unaware that there are many fundamentalist Muslims who are willing to fight us all the way to the Finish Line of the Boston Marathon.

After Weinstein went to the Pentagon to discuss the state of religion in the military, Tony Perkins, president of the Washington-based Family Research Council, wondered why U.S. officers were taking advice about religious freedom from one of the most rabid atheists in America.

“That’s like consulting with China on how to improve human rights,” he said.

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin, an FRC executive VP, told Fox News that he sees a pattern of attacks on Christianity within the military.

“Mickey Weinstein has a very visceral hated of Christianity and those who are Christians,” he said. “He’d like to see it eliminated from the military entirely.”

However, that seems unlikely since military chaplains are an exception to the so called separation of church and state found in the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment; the Department of Defense must support the free exercise of religion by its service personnel and DoD employees because the Constitution proscribes Congress from enacting any law prohibiting the free exercise of religion, according to The American Center for Law and Justice.

This is especially true when U.S. service personnel must deploy to parts of the world where the facilities to practice their respective faiths are not only unavailable, but non-existent, such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which prohibits all public worship save Islam.

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Worthy Christian News » US News » Court Cases » Atheist Accuses Christians of Treason

38 thoughts on “Atheist Accuses Christians of Treason

      • What are you going to say when you stand before "the Lord God Almighty" - and He sends you exactly where you want to go for all eternity - WHICH IS NOT WHERE HE IS, which is in Heaven:
        "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good."
        (Ps 14:1, 53:1 -KJV)

        "For the preaching of the cross is to them that PERISH FOOLISHNESS;"
        (1 Cor 1:18a -KJV) - CAPITALization mine - Bro. Nick

        “perish” occurs 120 times in the Holy Bible (KJV)
        "foolishness" occurs 20 times in the Holy Bible (KJV)

        All lost souls actually desire to go to HELL because they HAVE EACH PERSONALLY CHOSEN TO reject the free gift of Salvation, which is found only by accepting "the Lord Jesus Christ”.
        "The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance."
        (2 Peter 3:9 - KJV)

  1. I've actually read the Constitution. There is no "separation of church and state found in the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment". That concept was taken out of context from a speech by Thomas Jefferson to the First Baptist Church in Danbury, CT. It's troubling that Americans don't know this.

    The First Amendment of the United States Constitution (The Establishment Clause & The Free Exercise Clause) in its entirety:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibit the free exercise thereof.”

    • We as a nation need to try to let others see that this is truth. To many people take the lazy way and believe whatever they hear without doing any research on the origin of the comments. This is why we are entering a judgment from our God and our nation will pay for the falling away from God. We as a people that are believers of our God need to pray for our nation and for our people that we may be able to continue with our Gods protection and to enter into His Kingdom for eternity.

    • It is from a letter to the Danbury Baptists, not a speech, and, contrary to your claim, the full context of that letter entirely supports the contention that phrase was in reference to the first amendment. I encourage all to look up the letter and read it for themselves. The text of the letter is available on the Library of Congress web site. I would also point out that this is not the only time that Jefferson used the phrase, and it was also used by James Madison.

      • "I would also point out that this is not the only time that Jefferson used the phrase". Jefferson signed a bill that used public funds to support missionaries, build churches, and print Bibles. Most of the members of congress that passed this were actually Founders. Some of which were signers of the Constitution. My point is that if their was a wall it was obviously considered a one dimensional wall designed to keep the government out of the Churches business, and not the other way around. The founders didn't want a repeat of what had happened in the past when the Roman Church took over Governments or when The English Monarchy took over the Church. That dose not mean they would condone prohibiting the free exercise of religion! In fact the protection of that free exercise thereof and of free speech is part of the First Amendment! The fact is if the hypocritical RMFF knew Jefferson they would hate him and so would many of those siding with them and Weinstein regarding their attack on the Constitutional rights of Military Personal. I would probably disagree with Jefferson on a few Theological issues but I respect him and would probably get along with him. I'm not sure you would considering he gave missionaries money annually from public funds. He also printed Bibles and built Churches with public funds.

    • That's why it's "the so called separation of church and state ..." e.g., "commonly, but inaccurately so termed," but I should not have used "found" because only those attributing Jefferson's explanation of the Establishment Clause in his correspondence to the Danbury Baptists can see it where it clearly isn't.

  2. Our country is moving very quickly toward the point of no return. There does come a time when God will no longer listen to prayers for the nation because after all of the warnings that have been sent, the U.S. continues to do all it can to push God out of EVERYTHING. God is NOT mocked and His judgment WILL come to this nation and I think that will be very soon. God told Jeremiah to stop praying for Judah because the time for prayer was done and the time for judgment had come. We see this with Ezekiel as well. The Lord said that even the prayers of Noah, Job, and Daniel would not stop His judgment and would not deliver the nation from wrath. We are there, people. Judgment IS coming to this nation.

  3. There's big trouble a coming and God will fix everything just sit back and watch the light show
    you might wanta get right with God first just a hint !

  4. I wonder…could -would- some atheist out there please explain why they are an
    a-theist; the dictionary offers only a definition of the word itself ….Asking just anyone only brings an opinion. I would like to know the “why” of the disbeliefs they themselves choose not to hold to, or perhaps it would be better to ask of the rational behind their disbeliefs....Thank you...Eddie

    • I feel very confident stating that the vast majority of Atheists are also A-Unicorn-ists, A-Leprechaun-ists, and A-Fairy-ists as well, and for the same reason/s,.....lack of any (real) evidence of their existence.

      Atheists generally much prefer an evidence-based model of reality to a 'bald-assertion-based' model of reality.

      Questioning things using rational means, including using critical-thinking skills along with learning what 'logical-fallacies' are, and eschewing them as a matter of course, (in the opinion of the vast majority of Atheists) is a much better means of knowing how the world/universe actually works, rather than taking dogma from thousands of years ago as the incontrovertible, unquestionable truth about all reality. (under pain of eternal torment)

      Most Atheists find the God of Christianity to be a very unpleasant character at best, and a horrible monster at worst. (if a human were to act in those same ways)

      I hope that this helps You to understand Atheists in a more knowledgeable manner.

      Remember, Google is Your friend, to find more information about Atheists / Atheism.

      • But it also stands to reason that they should support freedom of beliefs if they want they beliefs or opinions to be respected as well. Weinstein is doing the atheists no favor, only damage.

      • The original article is in error, in factual content and is mere fear-mongering to engender ever more division,.....something that is at the core of many religious belief/s, (fear of death, fear of "hell" etc.) IMO

    • It is pretty simple, I base my beliefs on the evidence. If and when someone presents evidence that there is a giant purple teapot orbiting jupiter and serving tea and muffins to intergalactic travellers, then I will believe it. Until then, I wont be assuming it exists when drafting my interstellar travel plans.

      Belief is based upon evidence, belief without evidence is "faith". With faith I can claim that "black = white" or "1+1=3" or "god exists". One should be ashamed and embarassed of using faith as a basis of belief, not proud.

      • What if you simply believe in spirituality? Then what? What do the belief police say about that? Should the pentagon outlaw meditation too?

    • My reply to the answer given…

      Douglas...Are you an atheist, or is this your own opinion of what atheist’s hold to as their rational?? I was very specific in asking for an atheist to reply... If so you are insulting even my intelligence too…That sounds way too much like all the other opinions I get…and for your comfort I happen to agree…but…it’s almost an insult… Everyone with any sense at all knows full well that none of those critters you mention never have nor ever will exist, and all without any proof needed either;…they are all fully known as literary fabrication of children’s stories, those critters never have nor will they ever be real!! So please come back with a good sense reality based explanation that does not insult anyone’s intelligence, instead of a 'bald-assertion-based' personal opinion type comment …thank you Douglas!...Eddie

      • "Literary fabrication-?" "Religious texts-?",........No difference. IMO

        Evidence is lacking to show that they are any different. IMO


        Unicorns, talking donkeys, giants, cockatrices, magic trees, talking bushes, etc. ARE in 'the' bible, that doesn't make them a reality.

      • Douglas: do you believe in gravity? I bet you've never seen it because nobody has ever seen it. Sir Isaac Newton (a Christian, BTW) "discovered" gravity; do you toss out his writings as well? But if you dis-believe in gravity, you will be just as dead when you jump out of a 10th story window as someone who does believe in gravity. The effects of gravity are visually apparent, just like the effects of God are apparent when missionary families forgive the murderers of their loved-ones, by the grace of God. Please don't test your belief in gravity by jumping out of a window though: God loves you too much to want that for you.

      • rustywrench It seems to me that it's You that wants to 'throw-out' (actual/real) evidence in favor of a book of myths.

        Think about it.

  5. Military regulations prohibit higher ranking individuals from using their rank to intimidate and proselytize junior personnel. That has been taken out of context and distorted into the lie you read above.

    • Is it just that or more? I would be inclined to believe it is just about forcing proselytization but then we see all kinds of other attacks on religion in schools (track winner punished for thanking god after win, one example) and also in the playbook of the Nat. CounterTerrorism profiling handbook along with any other group that might get in the way of the new God as authority: the Corporate/Banker/Financier Gods.

    • @ godlessveteran - You are very mistaken. The US Military under the past several administrations has become increasingly anti-CHRISTian.
      From reading numerous articles from many sources over the last several years, all branches of the 'Amerikan' military are becoming much more hostile toward 'fundamental CHRISTians'. Specifically - consider the number of briefings that have become public that consider Evangelical Christians as #1 on the list of 'Terrorist Organizations' - The following are a very small sample of published articles:
      "US Army Labeled Evangelicals as RELIGIOUS EXTREMISTS (Apr 13)"
      "Awakening Warrior- How The US MILITARY Views GOD As The Enemy (Dec 10)"
      "US MILITARY Now ID's BIBLE Believers As Threat To National Security (Dec 10)"
      "US ARMY - Strategic Implications of American MILLENNIALISM (2008)"
      - - -
      I am a Vietnam Vet (65-67 / 69-71 with 2,800+ combat flight hours) and served 12 1/2 years active duty as a US Army Aviator.
      By the Grace of GOD, since shortly after 9/11/01 I've been a born again fundamental CHRISTian - so I do not make the following recommendation lightly -
      - Which is that no truly converted, born-again believer in "the Lord Jesus Christ" - a CHRISTian should voluntarily go on active duty, or into the 'Reserves' or 'National Guard' of any branch of the US Military
      - unless they are specifically led by "the only wise God" to do so
      - which will be as a missionary to tell the 'good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ' to those that do not believe in Him as their personal Saviour!

  6. It's interesting to me that Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Boykin sees a pattern of attacking Christianity in the military. It's interesting because Boykin is an assistant director of the Family Research Council, one of the most aggressively fundamentalist and retrograde religious organizations in the US, which actually supported the "Kill the Gays" law in Uganda and lobbied against Congress's condemnation of said law. It is also interesting because Gen. Boykin seems to be completely unaware of the incidents of pressuring people to convert to Christianity in the Air Force, the ongoing motto of God, Country, Corps in the Marines, and so on. Either the general is being dishonest about the issue, or he is so horribly uninformed that he he should not venture an opinion at all.

    • "It's interesting because Boykin is an assistant director of the Family Research Council, one of the most aggressively fundamentalist and retrograde religious organizations in the US, which actually supported the "Kill the Gays" law in Uganda ..."

      Does your bogus claim justify the actions of Floyd Corkins, who is Gay and who, by his own admission, intended to kill as many as possible when he attacked the FRC HQ in DC?

  7. Religion is forced upon us in so many ways that adherents are actually unaware of the insidious ways in which religion has foisted itself upon a supposedly secular society.

    It would seem to be that the BEST and MOST AWARE group on this subject would be atheists.

  8. If people don't want to be evangelized or preached to then they won't be. But now we've got some atheists outlawing the belief in religion and making people afraid to talk about their belief in God. Is Allah outlawed too? How about we outlaw the pentagon from having meetings with those who have an ideological agenda so that our troops can do the job they are sent to do without having to worry about thanking God or whoever every time they dodge a bullet or someother threat. How about we send Weinstein over to fight, even though he'd probably worthless as a soldier and become a liability for his team. I'm actually atheistic but I find Weinstein's acts to be despicable. He should be put in my custody so I can administrate his beliefs, actions, and thoughts.

      • The fact that you defend Weinstein is an insult to your Country, Constitution, Comrades and of the oath you took. His attacks on free exercise thereof make him an enemy of the constitution which you swore to uphold and defend from all enemies including domestic ones such as the hypocritical degenerate you are defending. ...or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. If anyone should have their constitutional rights protected it's service members but that hypocritical and manipulative organization works to deprive those who serve of their rights. The irony is that they are the treasonous ones.

      • Domestic enemies are the theocratic vermin who demand that everyone pay homage to *their* god, or suffer career destruction, physical assault or worse. Your insistence that high-ranking military members are entitled to violate the Constitution and force their subordinates to accept, or at least pay lip service to Chrstianity is what amounts to treason. Any Christian's right to free exercise of their religion ENDS when it comes to harrassment or coercion of those who refuse to accept it. Weinstein is upholding his oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution by going after domestic enemies such as yourself who would violate the Constitutional RIGHTS of others. You defecate on the Constitution and the freedoms it guarantees us.

  9. You all need to read "The Baptizing of America" by Rabbi James Rudin. Rudin "exposes" our (Christian) 'agenda" to take over America and institute OT laws at the foundation of American law. He's also one of the (former) US military chaplains who put together the Chapel at Camp David. The rest were Christian ones. Rudin was treated badly one year by a Southern Baptist teacher and put together this "ology" that all Christian fundies have an agenda to take over the USA. He rightly "discovers" much of fundamental Christian views and then skews them into all sorts of weirdlies that these guys believe. If we believe abortion is wrong, or homosexuality, it means we're some kind of subversives, political, and trying to force baptisms on people. This is hold over from when exactly that was done to Jews (and Muslims) during the Spanish Inquisition. The title itself of his book comes from that generational memory. What he really is objecting to is that any Jew is expected to consider Christ by us. The State of Israel objects to it, which is why so many NAR members avoid it. What really would be racist of us is if we stopped answering the questions of Jews about Christ just because men like Rudin expect us to. His belief is that religion is like "toothpaste" everyone needs some, but what 'brand" really doesn't make much difference. Unless we be Christian fundies, then we're all dangerous, because....of what he says we believe and what our "agenda" is. They attribute domonism to all who say "biblical prinicples" about anything for any reason. Read the book!

  10. So the proselytizing "Jews and muslims have been few and far between", but that means they exist. so the filthy atheist should be going after them anyway, right? But that would be common sense and explaining common sense to one like him is like trying to explain E=MC2 to a katydid.

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