Worst Hailstorms in 170 Years to Hit Britian

Wednesday, June 4, 2014 | Tag Cloud

(UK Express / Worthy News)-- The UK is about to be rocked by the most frenzied and chaotic start to summer ever as monsoons and tornadoes rage in.

Ice stones the 'size of cricket balls' will cause devastation across the country in what forecasters fear could be the the worst hailstorms since a deadly 'supercell' led to hailstones leaving craters FIVE FEET deep across England 171 years ago.

Temperatures are expected to rocket to an incredible 91F (32.6C) by Saturday as a swathe of roasting hot air suddenly floods the British Isles.

Heavy and persistent downpours will start today with parts of the south on alert for extreme flash floods.

But the really dramatic weather will start on Friday night when two 'battling' weather systems will fight it out over Britain.

The resulting carnage will trigger tornadoes and fierce winds, enormous hailstorms and potentially DEADLY lightning strikes.


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