Full Coverage: First Rocket Falls from Lebanon, Israel Prepares for Ground Offensive

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JERUSALEM (Worthy News)-- Israel is massing troops along the Gaza border for a major ground offensive in Gaza. Meanwhile, for the first time since the beginning of hostilities a rocket was fired from Lebanon into Metula, a Israeli town on the Lebanese border.

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IDF preps for ground strike, military source says
Although the cabinet meeting convened Thursday evening ended without an announcement on a ground offensive in Gaza, a senior IDF official says the military is massing forces on Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip in preparation for such an operation.

Heavy Gaza rocket barrage: Direct hit on vehicle in Ashdod
A house in Ashdod was hit by rockets fired from Gaza on Thursday night. Vehicles were reportedly destroyed, and gas cylinders erupted on fire, causing a blaze in the area. After the direct hit. Sirens continued to blare in Ashdod and Hof Ashkelon.

Rocket from Lebanon strikes near Metula
A rocket fired from Lebanon exploded early Friday morning in an open are near Metula, Israel's most northern town sitting on the Lebanese border. The rocket is the first to be fired from Israel's northern neighbor since the beginning of increasing tensions with Gaza where Hamas and Islamic Jihad have been launched hunderds of rockets, including long-range missiles, bring most of Israel within their range.

Analysis: Despite rhetoric, Hamas is surprised by damage it is sustaining
Hamas is surprised by the level of damage it has sustained in the military operation launched this week to extinguish rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, despite the public rhetoric coming out of Gaza.

Hamas tells Gaza residents to ignore IDF warnings
Gaza's Interior Ministry called on residents to ignore the IDF's "knock on the roof" procedure – wherein the Israeli military fires a small round to signal residents to evacuate their homes before a strike.

"We call on the people to not cooperate with these messages, not leave their homes, and continue their lives."

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