Boko Haram Seize Nigerian Town, Killing 100

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ABUJA (Worthy News)-- Boko Haram jihadists killed more than 100 residents as they hoisted their Islamic flag over the Nigerian town of Damboa. Reports are that nine other villages are on the run according to a Nigerian official.

Survivors told the Associated Press on Saturday that jihadists used rocket launchers and homemade bombs in their attack on Damboa town before dawn on Friday. Gunmen shot villagers as they tried to flee their burning homes.

A human rights advocate, speaking on condition of anonymity, told AP that gunmen attacked again on Friday as people were trying to bury the dead. The only defense came from vigilantes armed with clubs and homemade rifles. - Source

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2 thoughts on “Boko Haram Seize Nigerian Town, Killing 100”

  1. Muslims have killed several thousand Christians in Nigeria thus far this year. Where is the international outrage? 1. Where are the mass international protests in support of the innocent Nigerian Christians? 2. Where are the mass international protests opposing the Muslim terrorists who kill in the name of their religion?

    1. Are innocent Christian Nigerians less valuable than Palestinian terrorists their civilian shields? Are innocent Christian Nigerians less valuable than Palestinian civilians who have been warned to evacuate the areas that are going to be bombed, yet fail to do so?
    What must Christian Nigerians do to get the attention and support of outrage that so many give to the Palestinians?

    2. These savages quote their scriptures chapter and verse to "justify" their actions. If they are right then the problem is with the ideology of Mohammedanism. Where are the movements the critical mass of Muslims demanding to reform the spirit of the 1400 year tradition of their religion?
    If they are so wrong, then where are the Muslim leaders denouncing these savages, who kidnap, rape, enslave and slaughter in the name of their religion, and showing us all scripturally how the savages misunderstand "the religion of peace"?

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