Worthy Christian News » Israel-Palestinian Conflict » Hamas Calls for a Third Intifada; UN School Hit (Video)

Hamas Calls for a Third Intifada; UN School Hit (Video)

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JERUSALEM (Worthy News)-- As Hamas continues to use hospitals, schools and mosques to wage war against Israel, at least 15 were killed and as many as 200 more were wounded at a UN school, as the IDF and Hamas exchanged fire. Meanwhile, Hamas called for the start of a third intifada, and the Palestinian Authority called for a "Day of Rage" today.

Hamas officials are called on Palestinians in Judea and Samaria to start a third intifada. Hamas TV aired intifada songs, ahead of protests last night, Israel Radio reported.

Thousands of Palestinians rioted against Israel in and around East Jerusalem last night, which led to two deaths and dozens wounded. 39 Palestinians were arrested in Jerusalem's Old city.

Palestinian Authority officials called for a 'Day of Rage' for Palestinians across Judea and Samaria today to stand in solidarity with those at war in the Gaza Strip.

Overnight, an IDF strike in Rafah killed a senior Islamic Jihad official and his son, a Hamas spokesperson said.

The IDF and Shin Bet confirm that Salad Ahmed Hassanein, an Islamic Jihad spokesman, was targeted.

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IDF: Terrorists opened fire from vicinity of UN-run Gaza school - Jerusalem Post
A projectile struck a complex containing a UN school in Beit Hanun in northern Gaza on Thursday, killing at least 15 people and wounding dozens more, according to Palestinian medical sources.

IDF Calls Out UN for Lying About Gaza Civilian Casualties - Washington Free Beacon
"For two days we were trying to move people out of that school in particular and the Beit Hanoun area in general," said an IDF official who was involved in the interactions between the IDF, UNRWA, and International Red Cross (ICRC) leading up to the incident.

The official continued: "This morning we sought a cease-fire in the area and a humanitarian evacuation of civilians, but Hamas refused -- because they wanted to keep civilians in the area to protect their fighters who were firing on the IDF," the source said. The claim by Gunness and UNRWA that the IDF did not respond to their request to evacuate civilians, the source said, is "a flat-out complete and total lie."

When asked for further details about the incident, UNRWA claimed that its school in Beit Hanoun had been turned into "a battlefield" in recent days.

Israel and Hamas blame each other for attack on UN shelter - Times of Israel
In what could prove a turning point in the war in Gaza, 15 civilians were killed and as many as 200 more were wounded Thursday afternoon in the bombardment of a UN school – an assault that both sides claim might well be the fault of the other.

IDF hits 130 Gaza targets over 24 hours - Ynet News
A senior military source confirmed Friday morning that the IDF had attacked 130 targets in Gaza over the last 24 hours bringing the total in Operation Protective Edge to 3,540.

Terrorists fire anti-tank missile from Al-Wafa hospital in Gaza - Jerusalem Post
Terrorists in Gaza fired an anti-tank missile at the IDF from the Al-Wafa hospital on Thursday, using the structure as an attack base despite Israel's air strike on the structure on Wednesday following previous gunfire and missiles fired from it by Hamas.

Hamas used hospital as military command and control center - World Tribune
The military said Hamas and Islamic Jihad commanders were directing operations and firing at Israel Army units from the medical facility, heavily damaged by the Israel Air Force.

"The hospital was used for activating war rooms and command and control centers by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad," the military said.

UN launches inquiry into possible Israeli human rights violations in Gaza - Jerusalem Post
The United Nations Human Rights Council agreed on Wednesday to launch an international inquiry into human rights violations that it says may have been committed during Israel's ongoing military operation in Gaza.

2 Palestinians said killed in rioting outside Jerusalem - Times of Israel
Thousands of Palestinians clashed with Israeli security forces at the Qalandiya checkpoint between Jerusalem and Ramallah, and riots broke out at several flashpoints near and inside East Jerusalem, on Thursday night.

Israel surprised by number, sophistication of Gaza tunnels - Fox News
While rockets and mortar fly through the sky in Gaza and southern Israel, the focus of the Jewish state's military is underground, on the warren of tunnels they say allow Hamas operatives to move freely in and out of the Palestinian territory committing acts of terror.

Meet the Hamas Billionaires - Globes
In recent days, various media have been publishing photographs of Hamas leaders in luxurious homes with fitness equipment, at luxury hotels around the world, etc. On the other hand, distressing pictures are being shown of the suffering of the Palestinian people in their rundown houses, whom Hamas says it represents.

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Worthy Christian News » Israel-Palestinian Conflict » Hamas Calls for a Third Intifada; UN School Hit (Video)

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Worthy Christian News » Israel-Palestinian Conflict » Hamas Calls for a Third Intifada; UN School Hit (Video)