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Islamic State Seizes Iraq's Biggest Dam, Several Towns

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BAGHDAD (Worthy News)-- The 'Islamic State' (IS) seized control of Iraq's largest dam, giving the jihadist organization the ability to flood major cities.  Over the weekend, IS also took control of three towns in Iraq and is beginning to amass troops to attack Baghdad, defense analysts warn.  Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia called on its allies to provide military assistance as its believes IS will threaten its government.

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ISIS takes over Iraq's biggest dam - Al Arabiya
Fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) took over Iraq's biggest dam unopposed by Kurdish fighters, who also lost three towns and an oilfield on Sunday to the Sunni militant group, witnesses said, according to Reuters news agency.

Control of the dam could give ISIS, which has threatened to march on Baghdad, the ability to flood major cities.

Sunni Extremists in Iraq Seize 3 Towns From Kurds and Threaten Major Dam - NY Times
Sunni extremists seized control of three towns in northern Iraq on Sunday after fierce battles with Kurdish security forces, sending thousands of people fleeing to the nearby mountains and threatening the country's largest dam.

Islamic State builds forces, targets for Baghdad bomb attacks - Washington Times
The al Qaeda offshoot terrorizing Iraq is in the process of consolidating territorial gains and increasing the target list in Baghdad, a U.S. official and defense analysts say.

Syrian rebels kill 10, capture others in Lebanon - AP
Syrian rebels killed 10 Lebanese troops and likely captured over a dozen more in a raid on a Lebanese border town, the country's military chief said, the most serious spillover of violence yet into the tiny country from its neighbor's civil war.

Syria villagers drive out Islamic State jihadists - BBC
Tribesmen in three villages in eastern Syria have driven out Islamic State (IS) militants, in a rare display of local resistance to the group.

Saudi Officials Think ISIS Fighters May Hit Them Next - Business Insider
Saudi Arabia is calling on its allies, Egypt and Pakistan, to provide military assistance in keeping its border closed to militants that have already taken over vast swaths of Iraq and Syria, The London Times reports.

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Worthy Christian News » World News » Islamic State Seizes Iraq's Biggest Dam, Several Towns

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Worthy Christian News » World News » Islamic State Seizes Iraq's Biggest Dam, Several Towns