Anti-Semitism Splashed All Over Cult’s Web Site

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Anti-Semitism Splashed All Over Cult’s Web Site
Jan. 9, 2003

Jerusalem (ICEJ) — The web sites of the cult-UFO group, Rael, which claimed last week to have cloned a woman, are rife with potent anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli propaganda tucked among movement’s doctrines and cloning stories.

The home page of one of the web sites directs browsers to sign a petition supporting Israeli reserve soldiers who have refused to serve in Palestinian communities.

“Israel practises state terrorism,” the site says. “Currently, there are dozens of Israelian soldiers who are imprisoned for refusing to kill Palestinian civilians and I’m asking you to encourage them and to support them as much as you can.”

The note is signed by Rael, the cult’s leader.

The site also propagates the false cries of a massacre of Palestinians in Jenin when the Israeli army clashed with terrorists there in April. The claims of a massacre were long ago debunked by a United Nations investigation.

“The Israelis have coldly executed over 1000 Palestinians, most of whom were women and children, and then buried them in the ruins to make it look as if it was an accidental death,” the site says.

Actually, less than 50 Palestinians, most of them armed, were killed, and about 15 Israeli soldiers also died.

Rael also posted an article calling for a “Palestinian Gandhi” as he attacks Jews and Israelis.

“A small handful of the millions of American Jews are holding the rest of the 250 million Americans hostage, through the powerful grip that their lobby has on elections and through this on American unconditional support of Israel, and this is unacceptable,” he writes. “Bush would only need one second of consciousness to send troops to protect Palestinians, to be on the side of one million powerless people while still protecting Israel.”

While the Raelians dabble in Israeli myths, they also have yet to prove their alleged clone’s existence. Brigitte Boisselier, the “bishop” who heads the Raelians’ Clonaid spinoff, says the “parents” of the purported clone have decided not to prove the claims in court.

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