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by Barry Chamish

We had hoped that Shimon Peres' seemingly irrational appointment of Carmi Gillon as ambassador to Denmark would open up his role in the Rabin assassination. So far, that has not happened, but it will. Instead, and from the most unexpected source, Gillon's role in the planning and execution of the Hebron massacre of February 1994 is being raised. Read what Dr. Linda Efroni writes in the highly influential but staid Israeli business daily, Globes:

"Besides being head of the Shabak, we must recall that Gillon was a central figure in the massacre at the Cave Of The Patriarchs. It was decided that the Shabak fell asleep at the wheel in this case but, maybe not. In either case, the investigating committee headed by then Supreme Court President, Meir Shamgar, cleaned up Gillon's responsibility...

"Once out of service, Gillon was taken care of with a job as chairman of the Peres Center For Peace at a salary equal to that of a bank CEO. There is no more preventing discussion of the dangerous connection between Peres and the government. As Foreign Minister today, Peres continues to take care of Gillon. Why did he appoint this klutz with no diplomatic background and a long history of failure to be the Danish ambassador? And why does the government back this disastrous appointment, one which endangers Israel's reputation in Europe? It is more than obvious that Gillon has the information to grasp quite a few politicians by their tender parts."

At last, the mainstream media has raised Gillon's role in the Hebron massacre and the likelihood that he is blackmailing Peres and other politicians over the truth of the slaughter. The Israeli public was informed that an extremist, Dr. Baruch Goldstein entered the mosque in Hebron's Cave Of The Patriarchs alone and massacred 51 Arab worshippers. But that is not the conclusion one would reach after reading the records of the Shamgar Commission's inquiry into the event.

For one thing, no witness, Arab or Jew saw a lone shooter in the mosque. But that's just the start. The three soldiers guarding the entrance to the Cave complex testified that Goldstein entered at 4:45 AM carrying an M-16. Shamgar concluded that Goldstein arrived at 5:20, carrying a Glilon assault rifle.

Goldstein entered the mosque with two soldiers. They threw grenades and shot into the crowd, then escaped the mosque, locking the door behind them, thus trapping Goldstein inside against the panicked mob. At this point, an Arab on the commission, Judge Zuabi noted, "Then there was a conspiracy. Goldstein couldn't have locked the door from the outside if he was inside. He would have needed help for that."

There is much more. Readers are advised to order the full commission protocols from the Ministry of Justice. The sum total of eye-witness testimonies prove that Dr. Goldstein was a patsy who did not murder anyone. But a patsy for who? Carmi Gillon was head of the Jewish Department of the Shabak, based in Hebron, at the time yet somehow was not called on by Shamgar's commission to testify. That was easily arranged since Gillon's brother Ilan was the court registrar who decided on the witness list. Thanks to Peres' insane decision to appoint Gillon the Danish ambassador, even and finally, Gillon's suspected role as planner and executioner of the Hebron massacre is emerging in the mainstream Israeli press.

The Har Shefi Dirty Deal Revealed

We knew that Margalit Har Shefi's incredibly damaging saga was based on some kind of filthy agreement. By insisting that she did not know that Amir would murder Rabin, Har Shefi set the truth back years and landed herself in prison for a short stay. While incarcerated, her Knesset member uncle Benny Elon said not a word about the injustice his niece was suffering. Somehow, Har Shefi's supporters missed the significance of his silence.

Har Shefi's attorney was Elon's far-left brother Yosef. He planned the legal strategy that assured Har Shefi's deceit and imprisonment. Meanwhile, brother Benny sits on the Committee To Elect Judges. So guess what?; Thanks to the newspaper Hatsofe, we learned that Benny's committee has decided to appoint Menachem Elon a judge. Har Shefi's role in wrecking the truthful search for Rabin justice has been rewarded.

However, the search continues despite her attempts to sabotage it. Recall the previous article from this author. An eye-witness inside Ichilov Hospital saw Peres' commanding role in the murder and small details of his testimony are being confirmed. He claimed Prof. Gabi Barabash and journalist Eitan Haber arrived at the hospital together, having been at the same party. The witness was right on the money. Now, another correspondent has provided the name of the party's host:

"Barabash and Haber together is correct (they came from Ido Disenchik's home where Rabin was supposed to show up too). Since they arrived together, it was Barabash who showed the way to Haber inside Ichilov. Haber's testimony that 'he wandered aimlessly' through the corridors is Alice in Wonderland."

Even Har Shefi and her two uncles can't stop the truth from marching on.

More on Spain and the Jesuits

For those who can't accept that little old Spain is planning its latest inquisition of Jews, recall that King Juan Carlos is long abdicated and supposedly has no more than a figurehead political role. If so, kindly explain the following facts:

I will add my explanations between three stars ***.

Now let's see how things really work:

Source: Ha'aretz

Sharon: Israel ready for painful concessions for peace

Ariel Sharon (L) shakes hands with his Turkish counterpart Bulent Ecevit in Ankara on Wednesday.

Source: Ihlas Holding Merkez Binasi

April 30 /01Prime Minister Ecevit visits Spain

The Spanish King Juan Carlos also received Ecevit, during his visit short, in addition to his bilateral meeting with the Spanish Prime Minister.

Noting that they evaluated the bilateral relations with their political, social and cultural dimensions during their contacts in Spain, Ecevit said that they decided to activate the joint action plan signed earlier.

Ecevit said that they focused on various cooperation methods to benefit from the investment opportunities in the two countries and to further improve economic and commercial relations.

***Spain has, at the least, a mediating role in Israeli-Turkish relations but a far greater one between Israel and her neighbors. Recall that after the Persian Gulf War, the Bush/Baker team forced Israel to make grand concessions at a conference held in Madrid. Well, the "peacemakers" of Israel and the US are finagling to arrange a repeat conference under Spanish auspices:"

Source: Ha'aretz

All roads not only lead to Rome but also to ...... The Beilin plan.

*** Now look what happened within just two days.***

Source: CNN Fri Aug 10, 2001

Statement by U.S. President George W. Bush: Bush condemns Jerusalem suicide bombing

.....The United States remains committed to implementation in all its elements of the Mitchell Committee Report, which provides a path to return to peace negotiations based on United Nations Security Council Resolutions 242, 338 and the Madrid Conference. To get to Mitchell the parties need to resume effective security cooperation and work together to stop terrorism and violence.

Source: Ha'aretz Sun Aug 12, 2001

Peres gets green light to talk to PA; Beilin plans ''second Madrid conference'' this October Former justice minister Yossi Beilin, meanwhile, is embarking on a new diplomatic initiative of his own - convening a "second Madrid conference" this October, on the tenth anniversary of the 1991 conference that kicked off the peace process. Several European countries have expressed enthusiastic support for the idea, as has UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and even some U.S. State Department officials. Yesterday, Beilin went to Cairo to try to sell his plan to the Egyptians.

***Now look who immediately flies to Damascus after the Syrian president exchanges a few words with King Juan Carlos.***

PLO secretary arrives in Damascus Sunday.

Today's J. Post article Arafat invited to Damascus.

Bashar al-Assad on Saturday received a message from the Spanish King Juan Carlos.

Mahmoud Abbas in Damascus

Syria-Palestine, Politics, 8/6/2001

The secretary of the PLO executive committee Mahmoud Abbas ( Abu Mazin) arrived in Damascus on Sunday. In an arrival statement to the press, Abu Mazin said that his visit to Damascus falls in the course of consultation with the Syrian leadership on vision towards the future. He added " I will brief the Syrian leadership with the current developments in the occupied Arab territories."

(09:35) Report: Assad invites Arafat to visit

Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat has been officially invited to visit Syria, according to Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), Arafat's deputy, Israel Radio reports.

***So what are we told Juan Carlos said to Assad which sent the PLO's Nabil Shaat scurrying to Damascus? Then we ask, what did Juan Carlos REALLY tell Assad?***

A message to al-Assad from Spanish King

Syria-Spain, Politics, 8/6/2001

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday received a message from the Spanish King Juan Carlos. The message was delivered to the foreign minister Farouk al-Shara during his meeting with the Spanish ambassador in Damascus Javier Navoro. Talks, during the meeting, dealt with bilateral relations between the two countries.

There is still room for optimism, Palestinian Planning and International Cooperation Minister Nabil Shaath told Jerusalem Post Radio this afternoon.

***Now, let us look at how Shaat coordinated his Spanish orders with then Israeli Foreign Minister, and Juan Carlos' spy in the Knesset, Shlomo Ben Ami.***

Arafat fails to get backing to declare state

Meanwhile, Acting Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami, currently in Spain, said that if Arafat does go ahead and declare his state on September 13 it would likely cause "irreversible damage" to the peace process.

Ben-Ami's comment came during a meeting with Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Pique in Barcelona, on the second leg of a five-day journey to Turkey, Spain, France, Italy, and the Vatican to counter Arafat's globetrotting efforts in search of international support.

Ben-Ami warned at a press conference yesterday that Israel might take its own unilateral measures to counteract the declaration of a state by the Palestinians.

"When someone breaks the rules of the game, it is possible that the other part takes unilateral measures as well," he said.

Ben-Ami asked Pique to use his influence in Spain and in the European Union to get Arafat to display a more "pragmatic approach" on the negotiations.

"You should warn Arafat about losing an historic opportunity that may not return," he said.

Pique, who met earlier in the day with PA Planning Minister Nabil Shaath, said he would work inside the European Union to ensure that it coordinates its position on a Palestinian state with the US.

At a press conference in Madrid yesterday after meeting Javier Solana, the European Union's foreign policy chief, Ben-Ami, a former ambassador to Spain, said he would like Spanish King Juan Carlos to play a mediating role with Arab countries in peace talks focusing on the future of Jerusalem.

"I have asked Pique to see if it is possible for King Juan Carlos to use his good relationships with some Arab countries to make the parties move closer about Jerusalem," Ben-Ami said.

Ben-Ami said the two sides had an historic opportunity to reach peace, but he played down the prospects for a new summit with the Palestinians.

He had raised the possibility in Barcelona of "a short, decisive" meeting before September 13.

"Our peace strategy leads to the possibility that perhaps, some time in the month of September, possibly at the end of the month, we will be ready to go to a summit in which we would be able to make decisions and reach the end of the conflict," Ben-Ami said.

***If you think Juan Carlos is only interested in Israel and its neighbors, look at how he spreads his talons throughout the Middle East.***

June 29, 2001



King Juan Carlos I of Spain announced that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Spain can play a growing role to contribute to reaching a just, comprehensive and lasting peace for which all peoples in the region are longing.

Just a few paragraphs:

''The intimate friendship which binds our two families is not but a true picture that reflects the distinguished relations which binds our two peoples and countries, and which draw its roots from history.'' Prince Salman Ibn Abdul Aziz, Emir of Riyadh region, had arrived in Madrid for several days official visit, and was received at the airport by Crown Prince of Spain Don Felipe De Borbon, who is also the Prince of Asturias, Fernando De Almansa, Chief of the Royal Palace, along with the Director of Foreign Policy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the military corps in Madrid.

In an address during a banquet, King Juan Carlos of Spain has affirmed that the current visit of Prince Salman Ibn Abdul Aziz, Emir of Riyadh region to Spain, will strengthen bilateral relations and enhance cooperation in various fields between the two countries. King Juan Carlos said ''the visit of the Emir of Riyadh region to Spain, reflects the existing strong ties between the two countries.''

The King of Spain asked Prince Salman to convey his best wishes and greetings to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Fahd Ibn Abdul Aziz. ''Spanish companies and investors are following up with great interest the opportunities that are available in Saudi Arabia,'' King Juan Carlos said. With regard to the peace process in the Middle East region, King Juan Carlos said that Spain is following with great care and interest the difficult stage which the peace process is witnessing, but he added that it seems there is a little hope following eight months of violence.

''The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Spain can play a larger role in contributing to reaching a just, comprehensive and lasting peace for which all peoples in the region are longing,'' King Juan Carlos said. King Juan Carlos also said that after six months Spain will preside the EU and there will be a lot of fields in which opportunities for enhancing and intensifying cooperation and relations would be opened.

***And while the retired king makes his promises to Syria, the PLO, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia to take care of Israel the way they'd like to see it done, he pulls the blinders over the Jews.***

The Delegation to the King Juan Carlos


Another important issue for his Majesty is Israel's situation, he hoped that peace will soon reach that area.

All the attendants at the reception stated how interesting and important it was for them that the King had received them and listened to their message and concerns.

Details of the successful gathering

Both the King statements and the Cardinal words, were symbolic signs of the desire to reconcile with the Jewish people and further that explain the reasons ECJC decided to hold the second GA in Spain.

***And that is how things really work in the Middle East.***

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