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Terrorist Factions in Gaza Disagree on Ceasefire

Monday, August 25, 2014 | Tag Cloud

JERUSALEM (Worthy News)-- Islamic Jihad was willing to accept an Egyptian ceasefire proposal, however Hamas refused to accept the short term truce as fighting continued overnight. Over 120 rockets were fired into Israel overnight from within the Gaza Strip, while the IDF continued to target Hamas' leadership.

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Over 120 rockets fired at Israel from Gaza Strip - Ynet News
After three Israeli Arabs were wounded at the Erez border crossing in a rocket attack, Palestinian terrorists continued pounding southern Israel with rockets well into Sunday night.

Some 126 rockets were fired on Sunday since midnight from the Gaza Strip at Israeli territory.

In a heavy barrage around midnight, four rockets were intercepted over Kiryat Malachi. Earlier Sunday night, the rocket alert siren was sounded in the area surrounding Jerusalem. One rocket was intercepted over the Jerusalem mountains. Two other rockets were intercepted over Ashkelon, while three hit open areas.

Islamic Jihad prepared to accept new Egyptian offer - Ynet News
Egypt proposed a new initiative for an immediate ceasefire and an opening of the border crossings based on the understandings reached after Operation Pillar of Defense – with an agreement to return to negotiations within a month – according to reports from early Monday.

Islamic Jihad has signaled it was prepared to proceed with the short-term truce, though Hamas official – and member of the Palestinian delegation to Cairo – Izzat al-Risheq said Sunday night that "there were no updates regarding a ceasefire. We will make an announcement pending any development."

Officials in Jerusalem were waiting for signs of developments in Cairo, signaling the Israeli delegation would return to Egypt only if there is a complete cessation of rocket and mortar fire from Gaza.

Islamic Jihad: Ceasefire Within 'Hours'; Hamas Disagrees - Arutz Sheva
Terrorist factions in Gaza are apparently split once again over the possibility of accepting an Egyptian ceasefire proposal, with Hamas stubbornly refusing to accept it and at least two Islamic Jihad leaders claiming a truce will come into effect imminently.

Islamic Jihad official Khaled al-Battash told interviewers a ceasefire would be coming into effect "within hours", along the same basis as the ceasefire following Operation Pillar of Defense in 2012, as outlined by an Egyptian proposal. The truce deal would include provisions for the rehabilitation of Gaza after a month and a half of fierce fighting, as well as an extension of the coastal fishing zone for Gazans.

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Worthy Christian News » Israel-Palestinian Conflict » Terrorist Factions in Gaza Disagree on Ceasefire

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Worthy Christian News » Israel-Palestinian Conflict » Terrorist Factions in Gaza Disagree on Ceasefire