Bakers Who Won't make "Gay" Cake May Face Legal Action

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 | Tag Cloud

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Corespondent

DUBLIN (Worthy News)-- A Christian bakery in Northern Ireland must pay compensation or face legal action after an equality commission declared that it was guilty of committing "unlawful religious, political and sexual orientation discrimination" for declining to bake a "gay" cake, according to Christian News.

Back in May, Ashers Baking Company in Newtonabbey was approached to bake a cake that featured the logo of a homosexual advocacy group in observance of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

Instead, the bakery sent the request to General Manager Daniel McArthur who declined to bake the cake as same-sex "marriage" was against the company's Christian beliefs.

However, customer Gareth Lee reported Ashers to the Equality Commission of Northern Ireland, which sent a warning to McArthur that he and his bakery had discriminated against Lee even though same-sex marriage was not legal in Northern Ireland.

"This case raises issues of public importance regarding the extent to which suppliers of goods and services can refuse service on grounds of sexual orientation, religious belief and political opinion," said the Commission in a statement. "The Commission will be issuing a civil bill in this case and a decision as to whether or not discrimination has occurred will be a matter for the court."

The bakery replied that although it was willing to serve any customer regardless of their lifestyle, it does not believe it should be forced to bake a cake bearing a message that violates its Christian convictions.

McArthur said it was like David vs. Goliath: a small, family business against a public commission funded by taxpayers' money that has massive resources at its disposal.

"We're continuing to hold to the stand that we took originally because we believe it's biblical, we believe it's what God would want us to do and we also think that if we do cave in to the Equality Commission at this point, it'll put pressure on other citizens who are defending their view of traditional marriage," said McArthur.

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4 thoughts on “Bakers Who Won't make "Gay" Cake May Face Legal Action

  1. Good for them. They are non-discriminatory in serving all customers, but they are pushed over the line when they are asked not to simply serve people who are gay but to participate in advocating their lifestyle. It is one thing for government to say, "You have to serve all people equally." It is another to say, "You HAVE to let them use your business to support their beliefs -- whatever those beliefs are."

    No one should be required to advocate things they do not believe in. Whether the thing they are asked to advocate is homosexuality, as in this case, or Islam or Protestantism by a Catholic baker -- no one should be required to violate his or her conscience by advocating something they don't believe in. Requiring Catholics to serve Protestants in a bakery or straight people to serve homosexuals or Christians to serve Muslims is one thing. Serving someone is not the same thing as honoring or serving their beliefs. Requiring them to participate in anything that aims at advocating those beliefs or that enables others to move further in a lifestyle you disbelieve in is wrong.

    In my mind, requiring a bakery to bake a cake for a gay wedding is wrong and is different than requiring a bakery to simply sell a cake to a couple who is gay. In one case, you are being asked to participate in advancing a lifestyle you believe is immoral. In the other you are being required to feed people, regardless of whether they are moral or immoral in their lifestyle, for no people are perfect anyway. You shouldn't be able to discriminate against the people, but you should not have to participate in any way in the behavior you find objectionable. In fact, as a Christian you should treat them as kindly when they come into your bakery and serve them as well as you would anyone.

  2. Gays are the intolerant ones. That person could easily have gone to a gay baker, but chose instead to target this Christian business. Wake up people, this is not about equality.

    • You are right. I think it is just some twisted mindset that these people want to force everybody to accept and affirm their lifestyle.
      It is time to rise up and to say enough is enough!

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