PA Claims IDF Used Nude Woman To Lure Kids To Their Deaths

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ICEJ NEWS - 08/15/2001
The leading newspaper of the Palestinian Authority reported on its front page on Monday that "the [Israeli] occupation is using naked women to hunt down intifada youth."

The official PA daily Al-Hayat al-Jadidah claimed that last Friday, during a clash at the Karni Junction in Gaza, a female IDF soldier suddenly appeared on top of a tank. "She started to take off her clothes in front of the demonstrators until she was [nearly] naked. Some of the protesters said they were disgusted by it, while others said the Zionist soldier made rude gestures at them," the Palestinian paper reported.

"When they approached to throw stones at her, the female soldier whipped out a pistol from her underwear and shot at their heads," the paper said, adding that two were killed and nine wounded.

Two Palestinians were in fact killed in clashes there Friday, after a mob hurled hand grenades at IDF troops, who returned fire. The IDF initially refused to even comment on the report, but later said it was completely ridiculous.

The bizarre claim joins a growing list of outrageous tales promoted by Palestinian figures, from PLO chief Yasser Arafat down. Among them, Monica Lewinsky was a Mossad agent, the IDF has been dropping poisoned candy from airplanes and firing depleted uranium shells, Israel has distributed laced chewing gum to render Arab girls sterile and males impotent, and many terror bombings are staged by Israel to win world sympathy.

In another new claim carried in the latest NEWSWEEK, Palestinian officials say Israeli security has flooded Palestinian areas with two tons of highly volatile explosives, which has led to the recent rash of over two-dozen "work accidents" among Palestinian bomb-makers. Just a couple months ago, a similar claim was applied to a new kind of combustible" material hidden in Israeli plastic products.

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