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Arab/Islamic Threats Against Israel Never End

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ICEJ NEWS - 08/22/2001
In recent days, Hamas Sheikh Ahmed Yassin has defended Islamic suicide bombings as a "democratic right," a leading Egyptian newspaper urged Palestinians to kill Israelis everywhere, and Saddam Hussein has called on Jordan to open its borders to Iraq's 6.5 million volunteer army recruited to "liberate Jerusalem."

In an interview with the SUNDAY OBSERVER out of London, Sheikh Yassin, the ailing spiritual leader of Hamas, managed to both justify suicide bomb attacks and to take a swipe at Israel's Western values at the same time, mockingly suggesting: "The use of suicide bombers is the democratic right of Palestinians everywhere. And it is the only kind of democracy understood by Israel."

"This is the price we pay for freedom," said the wheelchair-bound Yassin. "The Israelis have no appetite for bombing campaigns - they will fall to their knees. You can sense the fear in Israel already; they are worried about where and when the next attacks will come. Ultimately Hamas will win... [PLO chief Yasser] Arafat has his methods. And we have our own."

Meanwhile, according to a translation by MEMRI, the August 17 editorial of the Egyptian government daily AL-AKHBAR, entitled "A Message to the People of Palestine," called on Palestinians to kill Israelis wherever they can be found. Excerpts include:

"...The American clear bias [in favor of Israel] should not come as a surprise... American President, George Bush, demands, almost routinely, the Palestinian President, Yasser Arafat, arrest the heroic people of the Palestinian struggle, who sacrifice their souls and their blood for freedom and dignity, facing terrorists whose hearts know neither compassion nor mercy..."

"All that we have left to say to the sons of Palestine is that although everybody has abandoned you, do not be sad and do not wait for anybody's help... Kill your enemies wherever you may find them."

And finally, the JORDAN TIMES reported that the regime of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein has boasted of mobilizing more than 6.5 million volunteers for the liberation of Palestine and is demanding that Jordan and Syria open its borders to allow passage of these fighters to the front lines of the intifada. This was the message delivered to Jordan's King Abdullah II on Monday by visiting Iraqi Vice President Taha Mohieddin Maaruf. Saddam has announced his volunteer "Jerusalem Liberation Army" now fills 42 divisions.

Used with Permission from International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.

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Worthy Christian News » Israel-Palestinian Conflict » Arab/Islamic Threats Against Israel Never End

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Worthy Christian News » Israel-Palestinian Conflict » Arab/Islamic Threats Against Israel Never End