Conversions Cause China to Ban Christmas Celebrations

Thursday, January 8, 2015 | Tag Cloud

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

BEIJING (Worthy News)-- There has been a flood of conversions to Christianity in China for both its Catholic and Protestant sects, according to Asia News.

Some 3,000 Chinese were baptized on Christmas eve in Beijing alone. As a result, Wenzhou's Department of Education has issued a directive impeding young people from converting to Christianity by banning Christmas celebrations -- which have been officially deemed as "kitsch" and "un-Chinese" -- in kindergartens, universities and colleges all across the Communist state.

The directive is just part of a larger campaign that includes the destruction of crosses and religious buildings in Zhejiang so as to reduce the "Western spiritual pollution" of Chinese society by Christianity.

Ironically, the citizens of Zhejiang depend heavily on Christmas for their livelihood as the majority of Christmas decorations sold worldwide are manufactured in this province!

In fact, the Christmas trees, cards and crèches made in Zhejiang have become so popular among China's youth that thousands have been attending church services to understand what Christmas is all about; many have even attended catechism classes in order to be baptized.

According to a survey conducted at universities in Beijing and Shanghai, at least 60 percent of college students expressed an interest in learning about Christianity.

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  1. The Holy Ghost is moving all over the planet, and He is pouring Himself out on the nations, as the scripture promised. God SHALL have His harvest of the nations, "from every nation, people, tribe and language" (Rev. 7:9,10) Men and governments are powerless to stop the IRRESISTIBLE WILL OF GOD! The Gospel of JESUS CHRIST is being preached to all peoples, and the Word of God
    will NOT return void!! The martyrs of this world--men, women, adolescents, children--are populating HEAVEN daily, as the hymn states: "From earth's wide bounds, from ocean's farthest coast--through gates of pearl streams in the countless host, singing to Father, Son and Holy Ghost--ALLELUIA!"

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