Baltimore Burns as Riots Erupt Across City; State of Emergency Declared (Video)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015 | Tag Cloud

(Worthy News)-- A state of emergency was issued and National Guard troops were deployed following a violent gathering in Baltimore, where people threw objects at police, set cars on fire and looted businesses, ABC News reported.

"These acts of violence and destruction ... cannot and will not be tolerated," Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said at a news conference this evening. Hogan called the clashes "disturbing" and referred to the protesters as "thugs."

The standoff began near the Mondawmin Mall in the northwest part of the city, the Baltimore Police Department said, as the group threw bricks, rocks and other objects at officers. --[wp_colorbox_media url="" type="iframe" hyperlink="Source"]

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1 thought on “Baltimore Burns as Riots Erupt Across City; State of Emergency Declared (Video)

  1. For perspective, there were protesters - of all ages, of different races, and of both genders - marching through the streets all week. But small-scale violence broke out Saturday night, some by the Camden Yards area where they hassled baseball fans before the game, and almost keeping people locked in the stadium post-game. Yesterday, while the family had asked for no protests this day while they held the funeral and burial for Freddie, a group of youth-young adults (most to all males) broke out in riots. The people of Baltimore are hurting under poverty, joblessness, and other grievances, and they want change, but most of them don't want this violence. So who is rioting? Well, from having heard inside stories of the gang situation in Baltimore, I have my suspicions on that, especially seeing the demographic of the rioters..

    In any event, talk all we want, which can be productive if done right, but what we need to do is PRAY. It's more than just arrests, people quieting down, etc. We need the Gospel, we need the Spirit of God, and we need economic prosperity opportunities that will enable those who want to get out of poverty to be able to do so.

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