Greece Exit From Eurozone 'Almost Inevitable'

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(Worthy News)-- Greece may yet crash out of the the 19-member bloc, say European ministers, as time is running out on negotiations, Sky News reported.

While some continue to say the debt-ridden country will remain in the group, Greece's decision to reject creditors' final offer and call a referendum has tested the patience of others.

Austria's finance minister said Greece's exit "appears almost inevitable", adding that the troubled country was "solely responsible" for the failure of bailout negotiations. --Source

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1 thought on “Greece Exit From Eurozone 'Almost Inevitable'

  1. At the very beginning I told my Greek relatives, it was a mistake going into the E.U. That the E.U. would try to turn Greece into a country like the other industrialized nations in it.
    Then I started seeing more E.U. products in Greece. Instead of the traditional deserts, there were now French tarts. Instead of traditional health remedies, there were now cabinets full of synthetic medicines. And larger hospitals, and bigger roads.
    These things in themselves are not evil, in fact in some ways they are improvements and advances. But they also become nearly unbreakable bonds that will eventually change the Greek people to look more like the French, the Germans, the Italians, the Dutch, the British, etc.
    Back then I warned about this. Do we really want to look just like everybody else, indistinguishable from them. Back then, I said 'NO'. And if "ANY" Greek looks deep into his/her heart, I am certain they will respond the same.

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