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US Helped Release Iranian Prisoners As Sweetener for Nuclear Talks

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(Worthy News)-- The Obama administration helped to secure the release of several Iranians detained in the United States and the United Kingdom, some convicted of illegal arms smuggling, according to a report that comes as U.S. prisoners languish in Iranian jails, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday that, as part of a “wish list” Iran presented to the United States in 2009 before the current nuclear negotiations, U.S. officials helped expedite the release of four Iranian prisoners in 2012 and 2013. Three were convicted of illegally sending arms or other banned materials to Iran while the international community sought to enforce sanctions on the country's nuclear program.

U.S. officials said that some of the prisoners had already served their full sentences, though authorities worked with Oman—a Persian Gulf country that helped facilitate the first clandestine nuclear talks between the United States and Iran—to swiftly return them to Tehran. One of the Iranian detainees, Mojtaba Atarodi, a scientist, reentered Tehran just days after he was convicted of transporting illicit materials to the country. --Source

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Worthy Christian News » US News » US Helped Release Iranian Prisoners As Sweetener for Nuclear Talks

4 thoughts on “US Helped Release Iranian Prisoners As Sweetener for Nuclear Talks

  1. Amazingly, we release Iranian nuclear scientists so they can advance their nuclear program. However, we can't bring back American Pastor Saeed Abedini lavishing in Iranian jails advancing the gospel! And we can't bring back Amir Mirza Hekmati, a former US Marine sitting in an Iranian jail since 2012 still awaiting his trial. Or Jason Rezaian, the Washington Post bureau chief that has been sitting in a jail for 10 months!

  2. This should be a trade and not a one sided effort to encourage a deal. American prisoners in Iran should have been part of the deal as a trade of good will. Instead, we are giving all we can and ignoring the fact that our own people are being held in the visious jails in this country that wants it all and is willing to give nothing in return!! Iran is toying with us and using us as idiots. In the meantime, our innocent people are being terribly abused and tortured in their evil prisons without our leaders concern or represntation. What's the matter with the US? Why do our leaders show no compassion or concern for our own? You can place bets on the fact that if it was a family member of our most high leaders, that prisoner would not be held in any foreign prison, for any length of time. This should have been a trade agreement and not an encouragement to prevent nuclear production and inevitable nuclear war. Iran is laughing and we are the clowns making it laugh. No matter what we give them, they'll always want more and will never adhere to the agreement.

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Worthy Christian News » US News » US Helped Release Iranian Prisoners As Sweetener for Nuclear Talks