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GOP leader: Obama facing 'very hard sell' on Iran deal

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(Worthy News) - President Obama will have a hard time getting congressional approval of a Iranian nuclear deal, according to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky, the Washington Examiner reported.

There have been numerous delays on the way to a long-term comprehensive deal to curb Tehran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.

"It's going to be a very hard sell," McConnell said on "Fox News Sunday." "I know there will be a strong pull not to go against the president on something that is so important to him. But it is a very hard sell."

The current framework agreement is not enough to stop Iran from eventually acquiring nuclear weapons, according to McConnell. [ Source ]

Sen. Corker: Iran will 'cheat by inches'

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman added that Iran desires nuclear weapons no matter what diplomatic deal is reached.

"We know they were building a bomb, we just don't know how far along they were," he said on NBC's "Meet the Press" Sunday. He said he is concerned about a deal because we have to make sure it is "verifiable" that they are no longer working on nuclear weapons.

If a final deal is reached by Monday, Congress has 60 days to review it. Corker said that his fellow lawmakers will do what is best for both the U.S. and the greater international community if and when the time comes to review the deal. [ Source ]

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Worthy Christian News » US News » GOP leader: Obama facing 'very hard sell' on Iran deal

1 thought on “GOP leader: Obama facing 'very hard sell' on Iran deal

  1. Obama and Kerry has made a horrible mistake that in the long term is going to cost Democracy and the West. Obama and Kerry you've failed to take seriously you duty as a world leader and the responsibility that comes with it . May God save our sorry asses. I encourage you to read my analysis of what Iran really wants.

    “The Big Lie - what Iran really intends to accomplish”
    By Laurice M. Tatum AAS, BS, MPA, MS
    July 14th 2015

    To quote Adolf Hitler, one of the most evil men in history, “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

    Understanding and Recognizing Iran’s big lie is the first step to salvation. What each of us can do to neutralize the threat. Recognizing their sympathies and influences when negotiating is so very important. MODUS OPERANDI, is the foundation of acknowledging and neutralizing any threat.

    Reading this article is intended elevate your knowledge base thus enabling better SITUATION AWARENESS. I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO CONSIDER THE CONSEQUENCES of neglecting the “Doctrine of the Mahdi.” Without any consideration our negotiators are refusing to consider its true impact. Study, learn and recognize the subject matter. This is indispensable when conducting negotiations and it is the key to successful negotiations.

    “Craziness is the name of the game”
    For those unfamiliar with how Iran interprets their role in facilitating the “Doctrine of the Mahdi.” I ask you read and give this article the consideration it deserves. Iran sees it as their religious duty and responsibility under the "Doctrine of the Mahdi" to annihilate as many infidels as possible. As understood this could well mean 50, 100, 1000, tens of thousands, or even millions. Nuclear power would certainly be a handy way of doing this. That is the simple and most widely accepted interpretation.

    The purpose of the Doctrine as written in the Iranian Constitution is to clear and prepare the way for their messiah. Article 2 (Foundation Principles) Leadership shall “continue the revolution of Islam.” Continuous leadership (Imam) and “perpetual guidance,” and its fundamental role in ensuring the “uninterrupted process” of the “revolution of Islam.”

    As per the practice and habit of the Obama administration. He and Kerry for what ever the reason are either intentionally, duplicity and or complicit, call it what you wish. Enabling Iran in fulfill it's understanding of their duty and responsibility, by pursuing the purple elephant tossed out by Iranian negotiators. As I write “craziness of the game.” Radical States can not even agree among themselves on a "modus vivendi" so how in the heck can they be expected to come to an agreement with the West. Think about it, they continue killing one another in the name of their brand of Islam. Without a modus vivendi they can't even agree to disagree. Instead they kill, so how can they be expected to be trusted with nonproliferation! At the end of the day they will use such power to impose their will on other Muslims and and to kill the West.

    According to their interpretation of the “Mahdi Doctrine” they are by religious edicts duty bound to facilitating the return of the twelfth Imam. My analysis leads me to this inevitable conclusion. It is on everyone of their leaders brain. At worst the Obama administration is collaborating with Iran and intentionally trying to destroy America. I am convinced that few Americans really understand what this means to them.

    Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and current President Hassan Rouhani as well as supreme religious leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini have expressed their support in moving forward with this doctrines. They prostitute their own Constitution and religious proclamation to this end. Repeatedly they have said it is their government’s mission to hasten the appearance of the Twelfth Imam. What makes this dangerous is that according to "Shia eschatology." They think it's their ordained religious duty to destroy Jewish and Christian civilizations. Their leadership is certain that this will accelerate the coming of their Messiah.

    Given Iran's hectic, sustained and continued refusal to allow total and unfettered access for inspection suggest only one thing. They are lying to the world about efforts to build nuclear weapons. Americans should be very concerned about this doctrine. Why has or does not Obama and Kerry consider this as they negotiate with Iran. I don't know about you but this scares the explanation point out of me. As I see it Obama and Kerry's refusal to include this in their nuclear negotiation equation will be fatal for America.

    Should my assertions be correct I would much rather we error on the side of caution. Taking their chants of death to America, Israel and the West seriously. By being vigilant and taking preemptive measures. Now that makes more since than allowing a state which remains of the list of states sponsoring terror to secure nuclear technology.

    The continued pursuit of this purple elephant is a direct threat to Democracy. Indeed there are many
    of our leader who are clueless. Nuclear negotiations with Iran must focus on and not be marginalized. They must set the predication that Iran’s interpretation of the Mahdi Doctrine, in not in our best interest. That such interpretation guides their every word and action. Lack of understanding their “PATTERNS, PRACTICES AND HABITS,” can not be over emphasized.” The pursuit of the purple elephant clearly shows our negotiators have no understanding of the Iranian psyche.

    What Motivates Iranian negotiators
    To some degree all of the following can be found in Iran’s view of reality. It begins with the belief that orders must be followed without question. Pleasing leadership and their perceived religious duty and any political motivations that exist. Keep in mind there is a higher religious inspiration which supersedes all else. Followers of this ilk believe the Qur'an is the absolute word of Allah and is to be expressly obeyed. They believe in strict interpretation of the Qur'an. Because of this followers of this sort “see terrorism as a requirement.” Their interpretation demand execution of attacks in a certain way. This guarantees martyrdom and beings dispatched to Heaven. So when they proclaim loving “death more than life itself” they mean just that.

    Many believe being dispatched by this method guarantees being awarded 72 virgins. There is dissension among Islamic scholars about this thought. Some insist there is no mention or promise of a martyr being blessed with 72 virgins. They insist it is a misinterpretation of the Qur'an. As for me before I would under take martyrdom I would certainly want that guaranteed. Then I'd want to know how to keep all of them happy. I have trouble enough just keeping one lady happy.
    Now consider this - without thinking the United States naively continues in its nuclear negotiations with Iran believing they can be trusted with nonproliferation. It seems they are giving no consideration to the “Mahdi Doctrine” and its implications. Much lease as it has been expressed in the Iranian Constitution. Iran has never keep any of it's treaties with the West so why would any reasonable and prudent negotiator believe they are serious about this one. The only thing they are serious about is expanding their sphere of influence and their eschatology. Even as this article is being written their leaders chant “death to America and Israel.” “Israel must be "ANNIHILATED," and people think they should be afforded the status of nuclear power and considered as a responsible world leader. Why would you think they can be trusted when history has has proven otherwise? They can not be trusted in nonproliferation until the day comes when they reinterpret their eschatology, stop exporting terrorism and stop threatening to annihilate an entire race of people. Then maybe they could be trusted. Our own leadership is all too willing to oblige in this feudal endeavor. They say, “trust us,” “trust us in non proliferation,” but as long as they continue along their intended course and advocating the end of Democracy, “they can not be trusted.”

    Mark my words they will use nuclear power to beat the West and cause the death of America.” Nuclear power will invariably be used to make nuclear weapons. “WHICH WILL BE USED AGAINST THE WEST.”

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Worthy Christian News » US News » GOP leader: Obama facing 'very hard sell' on Iran deal