Netanyahu Continues Slamming Iran Deal in Meeting with US Secretary of Defense

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(Worthy News) – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took his case against the Iran nuclear deal to visiting US Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Tuesday, telling him it poses a grave threat to Israel, the region and the world, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Netanyahu, during a photo opportunity later in the day with visiting Italian Premier Matteo Renzi, said he told Carter that the deal “will put Iran at the threshold of an entire nuclear arsenal in a decade or so.”

At that time, Netanyahu said, “The deal permits Iran to build as many centrifuges as it wants, to enrich uranium as much as it wants. It could break out to dozens of nuclear weapons in zero time.” [ Source ]

Ashton Carter tries to heal rift with Israel

The Obama administration has offered to increase the $US3 billion in annual US military to Israel. But Israeli officials have refused to discuss additional American assistance with the White House until congress completes a two-month-long review of the Iran deal.

Israeli officials are concerned that discussing such an aid package before then could be seen by lawmakers as a sign that Israel is prepared to accept the agreement.

Without going into specifics of what additional military assistance could be provided to Israel, Mr Carter said he told Mr Yaalon that additional aid would be provided to Israel as needed to address its security needs. “My own view is there’s a lot more that we can do,” Mr Carter said. [ Source ]

Iranian Foreign Minister Boasts ‘Israel Was Never So Isolated’

“Never before was the Zionist regime so isolated, even among her own allies,” he said.

This, he explained, is why Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is so furiously “shouting all over the place” and trying to stymie the agreement at any cost.

“With this agreement, the decades-long anti-Iran propaganda of the Zionist regime is finally neutralized,” said Zarif, who was Iran’s chief negotiator on the deal.

“We don’t say the deal is totally in favor of Iran. Any negotiation is a give and take. We have definitely shown some flexibility,” the minister said. “I tell you as I told the Supreme Leader, we did our best to preserve most of the red lines, if not all.” [ Source ]

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